As Soon As Everyone Is Seated Part 2


THE LAST SACRIFICE (Part 2 of As Soon As Everyone Is Seated)

A great understanding has begun; new dimensions of thought released into a world of preconceived thoughts, notions and ideas; those things that can only remain if you yourself are resistant to the commanded death (loss of your own will) required. The idea that the “end of the age (Gen 6:3; 120 years = 5880 years)” for mankind only allows for three distinct categories of believers; the martyred, captive and 144,000, is undeniable. No matter how one may try, there will be no “well maybe we can get by another way” moments available. Part and parcel of coming into “Oneness” with the mind of Yahweh is the return to mental simplicity – that which has no personal interference attempting to block predestined, perfect truths. The book of Revelation will not change! What it says is what will be. The grand themes presented in Part 1 will surely stand if one takes the time to seek and know, but it is good for this metaphysical -physician to offer some more intimate proof text in order to solidify the idea that the Kingdom being “fully preached” cannot be separated from the commanded death that is required to receive the full preaching. “He who loses his life will find it” and “take up your stake and deny ydUrself” speak to a premier pattern that all must consciously face. The idea that the 144,000 alone face that death (in consciousness) while all others are forced to choose it (through physical death) is merely Yahweh’s promise kept to His Son. Yes, a specific time on earth for the full manifestation of Yahweh’s mind; those who “follow the Lamb wherever He goes”, as well as a time for physical death, those who are “Beheaded for the testimony in which they hold to”. For both groups it is the “second coming” that mandated death .and resurrection, though in vastly different form and function.

In order to stabilize the foundation of these grand themes we will explore an idea. An idea that emanates from the mind of Yahweh that must certainly stand under the scrutiny of His own written words to mankind, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. Often I have said that it is “Your work to
do”, the deeper exploration and literal unearthing of spiritual truths from a Spiritual Kingdom, and though we endeavor to be more specific herein the mandate remains. I myself am looking (mentally perceiving) to be a perfected disciple (mental discipline) of Yahshua (the “Yahweh saves” mentality), I am not looking for disciples unto myself.

“Follow me as I follow Yahshua” is specific and clear. There is nothing worse then running into a self expressed “believer” who professes seemingly deep and thought provoking concepts, only to soon learn that the well was not so deep and Oh so dry. Never rely on any human for all truth when in fact it has been declared, “You need that no man teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you are to abide in Him.” (I John 2:27)

And so for our intimate proof text we consider the following statement:
Yahshua (Yahweh saves) was the literal (both consciously and physically) “last sacrifice”, and the idea that anyone else was going to be sacrificed physically would only come due to a disobedient conscience. “Perfection”, perfection in the Spirit Kingdom, the Kingdom of the mind, has an appointed time on earth. Though it is daily commanded, “Be perfect as I and my Father are perfect”, the time of fulfillment was and is always predestined. Perfection was commanded to all the believers and yet Revelation shows us that MANY still perish!

Time having run out for mankind, separates the living and dying; the 144,000 already resurrected before physical death, the rest after physical death. Either way, “He who loses his life will find it.”
We start by going back. We have discused the mental fall of mankind (the adam syndrome within us all) and now we look to the beginning of the restorative process as designed by the Master Creator, Mighty Yahweh. A unilateral Covenant would be His pattern. A unilateral mind Covenant to be
specific. Even a modern defining of the word unilateral would hold true to Hebraic intent: Unilateral – of, having, affecting, or done by one side only. In this matter it is the “of” and “done” that pertains to Yahweh, i.e., Yahweh’s Covenant was to take fallen minds and bring them back into Oneness (perfection) with His conscience. Because of the ever present and eternal wickedness of the self will (every souls adam), Yahweh made His Covenant, His mind contract, unto Himself and Himself alone. This after having shown mankind multiple times that it’s participation, a potential bi-lateral contract, always failed due to man’s wickedness. Let’s unfold the Covenant a little and see:
Many hundreds of years after Adams fall and the flood (overwhelming torrent of thoughts) of Noah (the “rested” conscience), Yahweh through Mosheh (the conscience that “draws out” spiritual matter) begins to unveil His unilateral Covenant to chosen souls. “These are the Laws (mind patterns)

Yahweh proclaimed (resounded in the conscience) in a loud voice to the whole congregation (gathering of thoughts) there on the mountain (exalted thought plain), from the midst of the fire (refinement in the conscience), the cloud (conscious mystique), and the thick darkness (hidden mysteries); and He added (perfection is perfection, no need for more) nothing more. Then He wrote (mentally inscribed) them (mind patterns) on two (“2″ is division) stone (hardened) tablets (mind
tables).” (Deuteronomy 5:22) Think, right (male) brain, left (female) brain. Yahweh’s unilateral Covenant was to take the fallen, divided mind, and begin to reconcile it to it’s original perfected state; the Garden state. As with Adam and Noah’s flood, Yahweh makes a profound statement in that He expresses that His presence is once again available through the chosen soul that “draw out” His presence, only to soon unveil a grander portion of His Covenant: “So I (the conscience drawing out the Covenant) turned (perceived the fallen state) and went down (the lower “self”) from the mountain while it was ablaze (demanding judgment) with fire, with the two (divided mind) tablets of the covenant in my two hands (mental grasp). When I looked (perceived), I saw that you (congregating thoughts) had sinned (continually transgressed) against Yahweh your Father, and you made for yourselves (your “self”) a mighty (mental stronghold) one cast (mental “casting”) in the shape (conscious form) of a calf (“frisking, revolve”; carnal dependency). You turned quickly (as always) from the way (mind path) of Yahweh and His commands (mind orders). Then I (the mind that “draws out” spiritual percepts) took the two (divided) tablets (hardened right brain and left brain) and threw them out of my hands (grasping), and broke (broken attempt at another bi-lateral covenant) them to pieces (shattered, fragmented mind) in front of your eyes (spiritual perception).” (Deuteronomy 9:15-17)

How quickly Yahweh reveals to us His plan to confirm and mandate a unilateral Covenant. Not long after (literally 4 Chapters later) He reveals the commands (mind laws) and again man fails at his part. The broken tablets are the full embodiment of the conscious realization that man’s broken mind (male(R) and female(L)) would always be divided unless Yahweh Himself fulfilled His Covenant with Himself. This literal announcement of the utter brokenness of mankind would be the hidden revelation of a Master plan; the Yahshua (“Yahweh saves”) mandate. The only way the 2 (division) would become 1 (“Oneness”), that no man (carnal thought) could separate. “At that time (mental revolution) Yahweh said to me (the conscience “drawing out” spiritual matters): ‘chisel (“carve”; manifest) out (the removal and renewal) two stone (once hardened, now steadfast) tablets like the first ones, and come up (exalt) to Me (the – perfect mind) on the mountain (exalted thought plain), also make yourself an ark (“box”; mental container) of wood (“firmness”; the beginning of the establishment of the mind covenant leading to inner renewal).'” (Deuteronomy 10:1) New tablets, new conditions, new abilities. The broken tablets forever ending any potential to bilaterally come into “Oneness”, now proceeded by a unilateral change agent. The ability for chosen souls to both house and firmly grasp the patterns of the original intent; the mind protected and hedged (the Garden) in by Yahweh’s Spirit alone. Not the fullness of Yahweh within, but the ability for the chosen to begin to once again wage war (flesh vs. spirit) within the consciousness. The perfecter having yet to come, nonetheless, a start.

“These (the prescribed mind commands, statutes and decrees) are the terms (offer of mental renewal) of the covenant (“cutting, select, feed”; mind work) Yahweh commanded Mosheh to make (mentally establish) with the children (internal Kingdom builders) of Israyl (“thoughts ruled by and
for Yahweh”) in the land (thought plain) of Moab (“seed of father”; intellectual belief in the physical realm over the spiritual), in addition to the covenant He had made with them at Horeb (“dry, barren”; the vanquished conscience). And Mosheh summoned (called to the front seat of conscience) all Israyl (“thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh”), and said to them, ‘You had seen (perceived) all that Yahweh did right in front of your eyes (spiritual perception) in the land of Egypt (material consciousness) – to Pharaoh (“king, sun”; intellect derived from subconscious thought), to all his officials (chief thoughts) and to all his land (thought plain. With your own eyes you have seen the great trials (mind strife), the signs (mental “checks”), and those great wonders (profound utterances in the conscience) – But to this very day (illumination) Yahweh has not (not means not) given (unilaterally offered) you a mind of understanding (“Binah” of the Tree (truth) of Life within), nor eyes (perceptions) that see (wisdom), nor ears (hearing) that hear (understand).”

(Deuteronomy 29:1-4) Timing is everything. From broken stones to renewed stones to capabilities yet fulfilled, and this by Holy decree. In this short review we have been introduced to both the Old and New Covenants long before Yahshua physically arrives. This is no less than the spiritual introduction to “Yahweh saves” and how these very words are embodied in the true reality that the Covenants reveal the only proper mental discourse about the totality of the Covenant(s); Yahweh alone saves fallen minds. All “self” effort having been continuously exposed, it would only ever be the unilateral offer that would bring chosen souls back into perfect union with the mind of Yahweh. Let’s now discover what Mosheh foretold long ago.

Though chosen souls have been responsible to consciously uphold the mind patterns decreed by Yahweh since Mosheh, the full manifestation of the “full preaching” of the mind of Yahweh would be a future event that could only ever take place after the “last sacrifice”. Lets look at a few verses that foretell of a specific time on earth for the perfecting of souls; the utter fulfillment of the Covenant: “Therefore say, ‘This is what Father Yahweh says; I will gather you (chosen souls, chosen thoughts) from the peoples (carnal thoughts), and collect you from the countries (“firm”; carnally established thought centers) were you have been scattered (mentally fragmented), and I will give you the land (thought plain) of Israyl (“thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh”). And they (chosen souls, chosen thoughts) will come there (the “hedged” in protected thought plain) and they will take away all it’s detestable (consciously unclean) thing (thoughts foreign to holiness) and all it’s (the reprobate conscience) abominations from there. And I will give (unilaterally solidify) them one heart (“center of intellect”), and I will put (unilaterally place) a spirit (breath) of renewal within (the Kingdom) you, and I will remove the heart (mind) of stone (the remaining flesh thoughts) from their body (mindset) and I will give them a heart (mind) of flesh (“raw”; renewal). So they may (permission being granted) walk (consciously stroll) in My statutes (mind appointments) and keep (mentally preserve) My ordinances (conscious enactments) and do them; and they will be My people (thoughts), and I will be their Father (principal consciousness).'” (Yechetzqyah/Ezekiel 11:17-20) It makes perfect sense to consider that “perfection” itself would have to be at the very least, an appointed time after Yahshua the Messiah. The book of Hebrews gives us a profound insight when speaking of such things and the prophets of old would have understood such things:
“And all these (prophets of old) have obtained a righteous (“right thinking”) report through faith, have not received the promise (a perfected mind); Yahweh having provided some better thing (the actual revelation of “Yahweh saves”; Yahshua) for us (souls being transformed now), that they (all dead saints), without us, would not be made perfect.” (Hebrews 11:39-40) The earth (mind of man) groans for the perfected ones, that all chosen men (thoughts) past to present would see the perfected ones and be perfected themselves.

Timing is everything:
“For I (Yahweh) will take you (chosen thoughts) from among the heathen (unclean thoughts) and gather you out of all countries (foreign thought centers), and will bring you into your own country (milk = substance in thought, honey sweetness in thoughts). Then I will sprinkle (spread abroad)
the water (spirit) of purification upon you, and you will be clean (mentally washed); from all your filthiness, and from your mighty ones (mental idols), and I will cleanse you. A new heart (mind) I will give (unilaterally) you; and I will take away (out of consciousness) the heart (mind) of stone (rebellion, hardness) out of your flesh (soul life) and give you a heart (mind) of flesh (renewal). I will put My Spirit (the full dose) within you, and cause (total control of thoughts) you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments (mind verdicts) and do them.” (Yechetzqyah 36:24-

An appointed time of perfection, but for whom? We have one more verse from Yechetzqyah (“may Yahweh strengthen”), but first we go to the prophet (inspired thought) Hosheyah/Hosea (“Yahweh saves”):
“And it will be in that day (the chosen day of full illumination of the mind of Yahweh) says Yahweh; ‘You (chosen souls, chosen thoughts) will call Me Ishi (“My husband”), and will no longer call né Baal: (“Lord”). For I will take away (out of consciousness) the names of Baalim (“Lord”, “God”, “Jesus”) out of her (the perfected congregation) mouth (mind speak), and their names will no longer be called upon! And in that day I will establish (fully institute) My covenant (unilateral mind contract) for them (chosen souls, chosen thoughts) with the animals (untamed thoughts) of the field (thought plain), and with the birds (lofty, unattainable thoughts) of the sky (unknown things), and the creeping (“glide”; crafty, cunning thoughts) things on the ground (the lowest “self”); and I will break the bow (compromise) of the sword (mental piercing), and abolish battle (contention) equipment (“self” reliance) from the earth (mind of man), to make them (chosen souls, chosen thoughts) lie down (rest) safely. I will betroth (mentally wed) you to Me forever; yes, I will betroth you to Me in the righteousness (right thinking), in judgment (just mental activity), in loving kindness, and in mercy (mental compassion); I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness (full faith); and you will know (mental “Oneness”) Yahweh.” (Hosheyah 2:16-20) Yes, it pertains to all souls past present and future but again, timing is everything.

Lets look at the “when” aspect of the verses we have explored:

CHART 1 – What I have titled “The Numbers 2 Encampment” is the original pattern Yahweh ordained for the beginning of the building of His house (mindset) within chosen souls. Each tribe (mental faculty) is given a specific place to dwell (consciously reside). In looking at Chart 1, you will notice that the faculties have a specific location relevant to the boundaries (N,S,E,W) : that they reside in. As an example, north means “dark”. It is the place in consciousness where the mind being judged is actively taking place. It is also the “left brain” which is represented as the female attributes of Yahweh known as “Binah” or the place of “understanding”. In the area of judgment are the faculties: judgment, imagination and strength. What is being portrayed at the beginning phases of the “House of Yahweh” taking root in the conscience of the chosen soul, is that while still in a place of imperfection each soul needs to “work out” the struggle between Yahweh’s will and the ever present “self” will. So for the North, the unregenerated thoughts that receive the most judgment during the process are “personal” judgment, imagination and strength.

These more than all other mental faculties (tribes) are ground that must be tilled. Likewise in the East (“open” thought plain), praise (Judah) zeal (Issachar) and order (Zebulon) are the mental faculties that must be most receptive (open) to the renewing spiritual energy promised by Yahweh’s unilateral Covenant to save (fully regenerate unto perfection) chosen souls. South is “parched” so you can see the faculties that are the most vanquished in the beginning, needing spiritual nourishment. West is “roar”. What faculties need the most effort mentally in the beginning? Yes – will, understanding and faith. The lower portion of the chart shares some insights that will lead to your further exploration prayerfully.

Remember, we are opening doors (mental chambers) that you alone must walk through, learning to hear the voice of Yahweh alone as you go.

CHART 2 – The “Yechetzqyah 48, Revelation 21 encampment” chart shows massive progression both in time and in mental competency. Having previously looked at the prophet Yechetzqyah and Hosheyah we came to realize that the time on earth for the perfecting of many is certainly a time in the future. As Hebrews 11:40 showed us, the many prophets of old knew that “without us” they “would not be made perfect.”

Certainly the timing of the book of Hebrews warrants that one consider that perhaps the time of the life of Shaul (“asked for, desired”; the unregenerated personal will) was the time for the perfecting of many, but Chart 2 shows otherwise. The literal realignment of the faculties shown in Yechetzqyah 48:31-34, is the exact future specification given to us in Revelation 21, a time when all judgment has ceased and the new Kingdom has come. Notice the change in the dwelling sight of the faculties from their position in Chart 1. It is imperative to remember that the Kingdom “having fully come” means that all who have been chosen for salvation (a saved mind) have now received that “Oneness” with Yahweh. What was once the “dark” (north) place now fully regenerated is filled with life (Reuben) praise (Judah) and unity (Levi). What was once “parched” (south) is now replaced with perfect hearing (Simeon) zeal (Issachar) and order (Zebulon). The “roar” (west) that once clouded the mind is now replaced with perfected power (Gad) imagination (Asher) and strength (Naphtali).

The mind previously “open” to anything and everything, now through the redeeming sanctifying salvation process unto perfection, is perfectly open to Yahweh’s will & understanding (Joseph) faith (Benjamin) and judgment (Dan).

All faculties (tribes) now taking their original (Garden state; protected, hedged) positions where “free will”, the cause of the fall, is now Yahweh’s unilateral Covenant mandating “One Will”; Yahweh’s! The lower portion of Chart 2 illustrates what is commonly (though through uncommon Priests) known as the “Tetragrammaton”. This is none other than Yahweh’s four letter ineffable Name and it’s 12 possible permutations. Everything flows into the thought world of perfected souls through these permutations. As stated in Part 1, “As Soon As Everyone Is Seated…” if you have yet to understand the enormous responsibility to the Name “Yahweh” alone, you would do well to read “Bye God!” It is my prayer that even through a cursory examination of chart 2 herein, one might actually be faced (in consciousness of course) with a thought like, “To take out the Name Yahweh is to literally be brain dead!”

CHART 3 – Chart 3a and 3b are speaking to the same event but I have given two perspectives and leave it to the Spirit of Yahweh to speak which chart He would have for you; its always about “You need that no man teach you but I (Yahweh)!”

In the charts we have the Revelation 21 view of both the gates (mental entrances) and the foundations (mental meeting places) to the perfected Kingdom within. Notice that chart 1 from Numbers 21 had “The House of Yahweh” in the center, with all faculties paying homage to unity (Levi). This was the beginning of the building of the House (mindset), but in open full completion at Revelation 21, we have Yahweh Shammah (Yahweh Is There) in the center of consciousness signifying a full take over; all “free will” having been abolished. So we have the entrances (mental gates) embodied in the twelve sons of Yaaclob (“heel catcher”; the inspired conscience) and the foundations set by the 12 (“perfect governance”) disciples (mental disciplines) of Yahshua (“Yahweh saves”).

So Revelation 21 exemplifies the set time for total salvation for all chosen souls (past, present, future) whom would believe, but let us remember Part 1 and those souls perfected long before the time of Revelation 21; the 144,000.

It is for this reason we set out to understand what indeed the “last sacrifice” meant to and for all chosen souls, and we wil I continue to develop and explain the full intent of the life (conscious life force) of Yahshua the Messiah (“anointed” thought). To do so we must first look at the “bride” concept as taught in scripture:
Kaleh (kal-law)- “bride (as if perfect)” the root word:
kalal- “complete”. Hebraically we come to understand that the kaleh (bride) is she who is perfected, completed. The discovery that needs to be made is whether or not the commonly held view is that believers in the Messiah are in fact the bride and if so is it every believer? Often you have heard throughout Christianity the theme, “The bride of Christ”, and this in reference to the church. But does scripture uphold such a view? As with Part 1 we go to the Old Covenant to see what it discusses on the matter at hand:
Nine scriptures total. That is how many scriptures refer to a “bride”. Would it surprise you to hear that not one single verse in the entire Old Covenant discusses any sort of marriage in reference to Yahshua and the congregation? Even if you were to look under the Hebrew words for “wedding”, “marriage”, “marry”, “married”, or even “betrothed”, not one single scripture refers to such a union. Is it a must that it must be discussed in the Old Covenant as was the “Strength of Yahweh” in order to be legitimate doctrine? Not necessarily, but it is necessary to at the very least have a Hebraic understanding of the spiritual intent of a bride. We have seen that it means “perfected”, “complete”, and now we look at those nine scriptures to ascertain new realities:

Isayah 49:18 – “Lift up your eyes (spiritual perceptions), look around (to the gathering of all thoughts) and see; all these (renewed, purified thoughts) come to you gathered (unison) together (unity). As surely as I live, says Yahweh; you will wear (conscious covering) them (all renewed purified thoughts) all as ornaments (“trappings, advance”; internal blessings); you will put them on like a bride (completion, perfection).”

The bride is the perfected mind promised unilaterally.

When left brain and right brain join as One. Isayah 61:10 – “I will greatly rejoice in Yahweh, my soul (conscience) will be joyful in my Father; for He has clothed (mentally covered) me with the garments (mental dressings) of salvation (a saved mind); He has covered me with His robe (royalty) of righteousness (right thinking); as a bridegroom (“relative, contract”; completor) covers (protects) his head (mindset) like a priest (spiritual judge), and a bride (perfected one) adorns (mentally wears) with jewels (“prepared, cease”; enlightenments).”

The bride is the purified mind. The bridegroom (right brain) the cause of perfection.

Isayah 62:5 – “For as a young (selected) man (thought) marries (consciously unites) a virgin (“separate”; set apart thought), so will your sons (“builders”) marry you, and as the bridegroom (perfecter) rejoices over the bride (perfected), so will your Father rejoice over you (purified thoughts).”
The context herein is that the land (thought plain) of Zion (“sunny, clear”; pure thinking), i.e. Jerusalem (peaceful thinking) will be married (united) with Yahweh alone; a perfected conscience.
Yeremyah (Jeremiah) 2:32 – “Can a maid (mental servant) forget her jewels (enlightenments), a bride (perfected one) her attire (mental arrangements)? Yet My people (thoughts chosen for renewal) have forgotten Me days (illuminations) without number.”

Bride is a mental state.
Yeremyah 7:34 – “Then I will cause to cease (consciously end) from the cities (mental encampments) of Yahweh (praise) and from the streets (paths) of Jerusalem (peace) the voice of mirth (cheerfulness) and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom (perfecter) and the voice of the bride (perfected); for the land (thought plain) will be desolate (consciously void).”
Its a matter of consciousness.

Yeremyah 16:9 – “For this is what Yahweh of Hosts (“mass, campaign”; gifting of spiritual thoughts), the Father of Israyl (“thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh”) says, ‘Behold, I will cause to cease from this place (front seat of consciousness) before you, and in your days; the voice (mind whisper) of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride.'”
A mental condition for the rebellious.

Yeremyah 25:10 – “Moreover, I will take from them the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom (mental perfecter) and the voice of the bride (mentally perfected), the sound of the millstones (“pulverize”; spirit which removes all carnality) and the light of the lamp (soul guide).”

Physical or mental?
Yeremyah 33:11 – “The voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of those (thoughts) who bring the sacrifices (mental struggles) of praise (mental reverence) into the House (mental temple) of Yahweh, who say, ‘HalleluYahweh (“praise Yahweh”)! Thanks to Yahweh of Hosts, for Yahweh is righteous, for His mercy is forever!’ For I will restore (consciously renew) the captives (imprisoned) to the land (thought plain; substance (milk) and sweetness (honey)) and make it (the mind) as it was in the beginning (the Garden state before the fall), says Yahweh.”
A restoration of physical earth or of souls?

Yahyl (Joel) 2:16 – “Summon the people (thoughts), sanctify (“set apart”) the congregation (gathering of spiritual thoughts), bring the elders (seasoned thoughts), gather the children (builders of pure consciousness) with those who suck (rely upon) the breasts (“swell”; dependent). Let the bridegroom go out of his room (mental space) and the bride out of her (left brain; understanding) closet (“self” protective ways).”

As with the bride, so too with the bridegroom. We have seen the meaning of the Hebrew word chathan (khaw-than) and we have also seen the intent of the bridegroom. As we enter New Covenant text all of this will have its implications but it needed to be discovered that in reference to either a bride or a bridegroom, the Old Covenant has nothing to say about such a union between Yahshua and Israyl. Let’s now see what the New Covenant may or may not add to the facts we have gathered up to this point. We start with the bride:
Yahchanan (John) 3:29 – “He who gets (hierarchy) the bride (completion, perfection) is the bridegroom (“relative, give away, contract”; the mental stimulant); but the friend (“associate, graze”; mental confidant) of the bridegroom, who stands (the attentive thought) and hears (understands) him (the perfecter), rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. This is my (“gift of Yahweh”) joy, so it is complete.”

A state of mind, no? Except for the book of Revelation, and this is by no means a small matter to deal with, this is the only verse in the entire New Covenant that speaks to a bride. Like the Old Covenant, words such as “marry”, “married”, “betrothed”, “wedding” or “wife”, are never used when discussing Yahshua and the congregation of Israyl (the “gathered thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh”). Let’s look at the word bridegroom and see what the New Covenant offers:
Mattithyah (Matthew) 9:15 – “Yahshua (“Yahweh saves”) said to them (the disciplines are a gift), ‘Can the children (builders) of the bridal (completion) chamber (protected thoughts) mourn as long as the bridegroom (conscious perfecter) is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom (the actual unilateral contract to perfect fallen souls) will be taken away (the flesh vs. Spirit mandate being activated wherein one must “work out his salvation with fear and trembling”) from them (thoughts being redeemed), then they will fast (mentally abstain, afflict).’ IT This verse seems to have prophetic implications of Yahshua and a bride and yet, we must find scripture and let scripture alone tell the story in it’s fullness.

Mattithyah 25:1 – “Then the Kingdom (“King’s dome”) of Heaven (the exalted thought plain) may be compared to ten virgins (thoughts “separated” and set apart in the conscience), who took their lamps (spiritual intellect) and went out to meet the bridegroom (perfecter).”

Nothing about Israyl, but again a matter of consciousness.

Mattithyah 25:5-6 – “But while the bridegroom (perfecter of consciousness) was delayed (the “workout your salvation” season), they (thoughts “separated” to carnality) all slumbered (lazy mindedness) and slept. And at midnight (“divide, adversity”; time of mental confusion), there was a
cry made; ‘Behold! The bridegroom comes! Go out to meet Him!'”
State of consciousness? Perhaps a reference to the Messiah and Israyl?

Mark 2:19-20 – A duplication of Mattithyah 9:15 above.

Luke 5:34-35 – Same as Mattithyah 9:15 and Mark 2:19-20.

Yahchanan 2:9 – “When the ruler of the wedding (uniting of left brain and right brain) feast had tasted the water (purity) that made the wine (vitality) (now he did not know where it (vitality) came from, but the servants who had drawn (brought forth into consciousness) the water knew) the governor of the wedding feast called the bridegroom.”

No direct reference to Yahshua and Israyl yet.

Yahchanan 3:29 – Same as above.
Can we agree that in reference to a bride and a bridegroom we have yet to see a supposed marriage between Yahshua and the congregation of Israyl? For those of you struggling with terms, can we agree that we have yet to see any scripture speaking to the “Bride of Christ”? In the entire Old Covenant and New Covenant there is not one single scripture that alludes to such a concept unless maybe we go back to the book of Revelation and we will. For now it was important to enable you to, if even just for a moment, consider where you adopted your views of such a marriage?

Could it be that for thousands of years countless self proclaimed “believers” have allowed this doctrine, whether man made or not as we will soon discover, to perpetuate? Before we move forward take a moment to examine your own personal views on this subject and quickly challenge yourself to come up with the areas of scripture that can affirm such a view? Am I right that you can’t? Even if I have given you a clue about the potential of the book of Revelation, can you cite a scripture from Revelation? Yes indeed, I have promised to give you a full understanding of the “last sacrifice” and all of it’s implications and this was a piece of that understanding. Let me take you to Revelation and show you why. Lets again start with the bride:
Revelation 18:23- “And the light (illumination) of a lamp (spiritual inteliect) will shine no more at all in you (“confused” minds). And the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride will be heard no more at all in you – for you merchants (material consciousness) were the great men (thoughts) of the earth (mind of man); for by your sorceries (mind tricks) all the nations (constructs of thought) were deceived.”

Not a marriage between Yahshua and Israyl, but a condemning of the material consciousness; Babylon (“confusion”).

Revelation 21:2 – “And I, Yahchanan (the conscience “gifted” the truth by unilateral contract), saw the holy city (thought center), Yahweh Shammah (“Yahweh Is There”), coming down (to invade what was once the carnal portions of consciousness) from Yahweh out of heaven (the exalted thought plain), prepared as BRIDES adorned for their husbands.”

The holy city compared to physical brides and husbands?

Do you see past such assertions and carnal minded concepts yet? We have been speaking of “completion”, “perfection”, “perfecter” and “contract”, as those are the definitions of Hebraic words and their intent in reference to both bride and bridegroom. It would only be Hebraic intent that allows for perfect fluency in the scriptures discussed. And why “brides”?

And we still have no reference to Yahshua and Israyl.

Revelation 21:9 – “And there came to me (the conscience “gifted” by the Spirit) one of the seven (of the seven spirits of Yahweh) malakim (“message”; thought placed in the conscience, erroneously given the pagan title “angels” by pagan religions) who had the seven bowls (outpourings of judgment into condemned minds) full of the seven last plagues (mind destroyers), and talked with me saying, ‘Come, I will show you the BRIDES, the Lamb’s WIVES.'” 0 boy! Houston, we have many problems! The enormity of what must be exposed and revealed within this one verse is no less than earth shattering. But we wait! Let’s finish exhausting all available scriptures in Revelation and then return:

Revelation 22:17 – “And the Spirit of the BRIDES say ‘Come!’ and let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who is thirsty come. And whoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

One of the last five verses in all of scripture and yet we have people who are unmarried and yet able to “Come!”?
Yes, we will be back, but lets now look for all available scriptures in reference to the bridegroom:
Revelation 18:23 – Same as above. And that is it! The only reference in the book of Revelation about a bridegroom. What should be transpiring within are several things. First, you noticed the plural use for the words “brides” and “wives”. We have discussed in Part 1 the many available translations of the scriptures available and suffice it to say your version probably expresses the singular “bride” and “wife” for the verses we have discussed. Second, we have exhausted almost every verse available from Genesis to Revelation to decipher whether or not a marriage between Yahshua and the congregation of Israyl even exists. We have seen some inference to suggest the idea, but not one single scripture to fully shore up and support the idea. You hopefully noticed that I said, “almost every verse”. There are two more in the book of Revelation but in order to understand
them correctly we need to settle the idea of a singular bride and wife or plural brides and wives. It started at Revelation 21:2:Let’s look at a more commonly used translation for Revelation 21:2, using the New King James Bible: “Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

Singular bride and singular husband. We can agree that the reference here is between New Jerusalem and a bride and groom, and we can also agree that this is not a direct reference to Yahshua marrying the congregation correct? What we must discern is what scripture(s) give us the right to say bride or brides, husband or husbands? Keeping this in mind let’s look at the other verses from the New King James view:

Revelation 21_:9 – “Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls filled with the seven last plagues came to me and talked with me, saying, ‘Come, I will show you the bride,
the Lamb’s wife.'”

Singular bride, singular groom. Certainly here we have some solid proof text for an idea that Yahshua (the Lamb) does indeed have either a bride or brides, but this is not enough to decipher truth. Remember, Revelation is the only book in the entirety of the scriptures that speaks to the specific marriage of Yahshua and a bride/brides, and this is the very first verse in the second to the last chapter of the scriptures that breaches the subject at hand. One more verse to go:

Revelation 22:17 – “And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ and let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take of the water freely.”

“Spirit and the bride…” or “Spirit of the brides”? We must again face a specific point with this specific verse. Let there be no doubt that this verse, which is the first of the last five verses in the entire book commonly known as the Bible, clearly shows a group and even groups of souls unmarried. We have not seen anything but Revelation 21:9 to suggest the married are the bride of Yahshua, but even after the marriage we still have groups unmarried.

So where are we? Certainly you should be confused but since there is “no confusion” in Yahweh, we clearly have more work to do. Can we agree that we have no right, based upon scripture alone, to make an absolutely factual decree on the subjects at hand? Based upon scripture alone telling us the truth, do we yet have a doctrine to stake our life upon? It matters not what you have been programmed to think. Does scripture support your previously held views? What have we possibly even discovered to settle the matter of a singular bride and husband or a plural brides and husbands, having exhausted every single book in the Scriptures except Revelation? We need to examine the final two scriptures that speak on the matter and see:

Revelation 19:7-9 – “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him [Yahweh]; for the marriage (uniting of left brain and right brain) of the Lamb (sacrificed conscience unto perfection) has come, and all the virgins who have been chosen, have made themselves ready. And to them it was granted that they should be in fine linen (“bleached, whiten”; purity), clean and white; for the fine linen is the righteousness (right thinking) of Yahweh’s saints (sanctified thoughts).

He said to me (the “gifting” of spiritual consciousness), “Write, blessed are those who are called unto the marriage supper (mental feast) of the Lamb.’ And He (mind messenger) said to me, ‘These are the true sayings of Yahweh.'”

As always, it is a matter of consciousness and even then clarity is warranted. Lets first look at the New King James version and notice some drastic differences: “Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has made herself ready. And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the clean linen is the righteous acts of the saints. Then he said to me, ‘Write, blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!’ And he said to me, ‘These are the true sayings of God.'”

Let’s list the differences:
1. The “Book of Yahweh” version has multiple brides, the New King James version has one bride seemingly, yet it also refers to that bride as the plural “saints” and it also references “those who are called to the marriage supper.”

Certainly they who hold the singular view would say, “Yes, but He sees the whole church as one bride”, and yet we have discovered that other than inference, there is not a single scripture available in the entirety of scriptures that would absolutely affirm that, “All believers, past, present and up to the marriage, are considered the bride!” It is a guess at best and it does not settle the verse of Revelation 22:17, which shows unmarried believers after the supposed marriage;
2. The Book of Yahweh speaks of “virgins” in verse 7, where as the New King James version speaks of a “wife”. It is important to note that the “Gesenius Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon” by Samuel Tregelles, page 396, shows that the Hebrew word “kal” is used in this verse, and that the proper
translation is, “all the virgins who have been chosen.” would firmly agree with Mr. Tregelles, but I would need scripture in order for my agreement to mean anything, no?
3. Whereas the Book of Yahweh considers only a plurality of wives, the New King James version speaks of a wife and yet in verse 8 it depicts “saints” and in verse 9, “those who are called”. Again, where does anyone get the right apart from scripture to call what is clearly many people a singular
bride? Christianity has overwhelmingly been the culprit with the commonly used and sung about “Bride of Christ” dogma. All versions and translations acknowledge “many saints” but then reduce it to “one bride”. This scriptureless error has yet to be fully exposed and it will soon be exposed to it’s metaphysical errors most importantly, but let us look at the very last verse available and see if new doors begin to open.

It is actually a verse we have previously reviewed but now we must look at the full context surrounding the verse and therein begin to find our answer.

Revelation 21:9 – “And there came to me (“gifting” in the conscience) one of the seven (“completion”) malakim (mind messenger; thoughts implanted into the conscience by Yahweh; this is “Isray1”; thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh) who had seven bowls (outpourings of judgment) full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me saying, ‘Come, I will show you the brides (“perfected”), the Lamb’s (“dominate”; resurrected conscience) wives (the completion of the mental “body”).'”

Brides or bride? Wife or wives? Take special notice of the truth that the seven bowls with the seven last plagues have not been poured out at the time of this revelation of the Lamb’s bride(s). Again, the bowls and plagues have NOT been poured out and the marriage has already taken place.

Revelation 21:10 – “And he carried me away in the Spirit (of course since it is all about a spiritual Kingdom) to a great and high (supremely exalted) mountain (conscious plain), and showed me that great city (habitation of “peace”; Jerusalem), the Holy Yahweh Shammah (Charts 2 & 3; “Yahweh Is
There”), descending out of heaven from Yahweh.”

The Yahweh conscience getting ready to completely overtake the minds of chosen souls.

Rev 2_1:11 – “Having the glory (conscious splendor) of Yahweh. And her (the habitation of “peace”) light was similar to a precious (eminent) stone (solidified thought), just like a jasper (“Yahweh is our strength”) stone, clear as a crystal (“smooth”; uninhabited).”

Remember that two verses ago it stated we were to be looking at “the Lamb’s wives”. Have we seen either the plural or singular bride yet?

Rev 21:12 – “And had a great and high wall (conscious barrier), with 12 (perfected government) gates (remember chart3?), and at the gates 12 malakim (messages), and names written upon them (the mental entrances), which are the 12 tribes (mental faculties) of the children (builders) of Israyl
(thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh).”

Any bride(s) yet? We have Charts 1 through 3 so you should have a healthy look and perhaps perspective of what is being described here?

Rev 21:13 – “On the east (“open”), three (“resurrection”) gates (entrances); on the north (“darkness” redeemed), three gates; on the south (“parched” turned to well watered), three gates; and on the west (“roar” made quiet), three gates.”

Entrances, but where is the bride(s)?
Rev 21:14 – “And the wall of the city (mental habitation) had twelve foundations (see chart 3), and in them the names (countenance) of the twelve disciples (mental disciplines) of
the Lamb.”

Physical or mental? Any bride(s) yet?

Rev 21:15 – “And he (the mind “message”) who talked with me had a golden (“shimmer”; anointing) reed (“erect”; mental manifestation) to measure (calculate) the city, and it’s gates and it’s walls.”

The House of Yahweh, the Kingdom of Yahweh, the Spiritual Kingdom, the Kingdom of Consciousness, the Kingdom Within. Has anyone seen the bride(s) yet?

Rev 21:16 – “And the city lies four (N,S,E,W; darkness turned to perfect judgment, parchness turned to living water, openness to anything is now open only to the mind of Yahweh, the confusing roar turned to a still quietness) square (“sprawling”, vast and clear) and the length (“belong”; intellectual depth) is as large as the breadth (“broaden”; expansion). And he measured (calculated) the city with the reed (manifesting in the conscience): twelve (perfect governance) thousand (“family”; aleph-“the first”; mental yoking) stadia (a “fixed” state of mind). The length and the breadth, and the height of it are equal (unified).”

Sounds like a perfectly united place, no? Have you determined if the Hebrew language and it’s intent only ever speaks of spiritual matters yet? Where is that darn bride(s) that verse 9 said we were going to see?

Rev 21:17 – “And he measured it’s wall (hedged in protected place; the Garden); one hundred and forty four (144=1+4+4=9; 9= upright mind) cubits (“mother”; mental bond) to the measure of man (earth thought), that the malak (mind “message”) was using.”
144 – 144,000.

Rev 21:18 – “And the construction (mental make up) of it’s wall (protection) was jasper (“Yahweh is our strength”; the mantra of the perfected mind); and the city (mental habitation) was pure gold (wisdom), like clear glass (perception).”

Mental or physical says the Hebrew Father?
Rev 21:19-20 – “The foundation of the wall of the city were adorned (consciously clothed) with all kinds of precious stones (solidified thoughts), the first (1=Yahweh) foundation was jasper (“Yahweh is our strength”; the Hebrew word “yashepheh”), the second (opposition turned to unification) sapphire (“Book of Yahweh”), the third (mental resurrection and conviction) agate (“restore”; restoration), the fourth (the totality of man’s thought boundaries) beryl (“give, light”), the fifth (favor) emerald (“to heal”), the sixth (reborn thought; man) ruby (“submit”), the seventh (completion) chrysolite (“reverence”), the eighth (super abundance) onyx (“zeal”), the ninth (upright man; upright thought) topaz (“pure”), the tenth (10=1) turquoise (“Laws”), the eleventh (11=1+1=2) jacinth (“Yahweh’s Name”), the twelfth (perfect governance; 12=3, resurrection) amethyst (“to
join”).” (See Chart 3a, 3b & 4) 0 where 0 where can my little bride(s) be?

Rev 21:21 – “And the twelve gates were 12 pearls (illumin ations); each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street (mental pathway) of the city was pure gold (wisdom), as it were, transparent as glass (clarity).”

Rev 21:22 – “And I saw no pagan (idolatrous) sanctuary (abode) in it (the mental habitation); for the House of Yahweh (the entire mind now Yahweh’s mind), the body (mindset) of the Messiah (“anointed” thought), was in it.” Complete salvation is when Yahweh’s Kingdom, His temple within chosen souls, overtakes the entire conscience; no more “self” will be left. No more need for “Not my will but thy will be done” to be stated. But what of the bride(s)?

Rev 21:23 – “And the city had no need of the sun (temporary illumination), neither the moon (subconscious thought), to shine on it; for the glory (perfect conscience) of Yahweh does enlighten it, and it’s lamp (all seven now made one with Yahweh) is the Lamb (Yahshua; “Yahweh saves”; “dominant” mindset).”
Physical or mental?

Rev 21:24 – “And the nations (constructs of thought) of those who are saved (mentally resurrected) will walk in the light of it (the seven spirits of Yahweh: wisdom, understanding, council governmental authority, power, knowledge, reverence, all united as one). And the kings (chief thoughts) of the earth (mind of man) do bring their glory and honor into it.”

Rev 21:25 – “And the gates (openings) of it (the perfect kingdom of consciousness) will not be shut at all by day (constant illumination), for there will be no night (mental dullness) there.”
Physical or spiritual? Can anyone tell who the bride(s) are that we are waiting on?

Rev 21:26 – “And they (WHO? WHO? WHO?) will bring the glory of the nations (constructs of thought) into it (perfect consciousness).”

The brides, that’s who! “They” have been discussed the entire time since verse 9. Remember, we are on the very last verse in the entirety of scriptures that discusses the idea, and for certain only

Revelation 19:7-9 and the verses of Revelation 21 which we just dissected, directly pertain to Yahshua and His BRIDES! Lets finish the last verse and then step into the great unknown; the place where Yahweh resides.

Rev 21:27 – “And there will by no means enter into it (perfection) anything (any thought) that defiles (makes mentally unclean), nor works abomination (disgust), neither a lie; but only those (souls; thoughts) who are written (consciously inscribed) in the Lamb’s Book (cipher) of Life (revival of consciousness).”
Timing is everything. Revelation chapters 21 and 22 are the fulfillment of the entirety of the scriptures, as verse 3 of chapter 21 expresses: “…Behold! The Tabernacle (mental dwelling) of Yahweh is with men (chosen and renewed thoughts).” You have just seen a full explanation of the BRIDES loved one. Am I correct when I say you not only missed it, but you missed it completely? Is that theme “Bride of Christ” causing real issues within you right now? Have we not looked at every single verse in scripture pertaining to the specific topic? Are we allowed to go beyond scripture and just randomly make it what the masses want it to be? We discussed how the “one bride” theory would create not only problems with scriptural accuracy, but also the metaphysical problems it posed. Unity (mental “Oneness”) is certainly scriptural, but we must adhere to the patterns taught Genesis to Revelation.

There was always twelve sons of Yaagob (Jacob), which was always a representation of the twelve mental faculties required for the perfected conscience. There was also always twelve disciples, which represented the very same thing as the tribes (mental branches of the Tree of Life) and that was the twelve mental disciplines. Oneness (unity) has it’s place as it was Levi (the actual branch of unity) who was camped (mentally situated) in the center of all the other tribes and a very very important principal taught is that all other tribes (mental faculties/branches) had to pay a tithe
(mentally acknowledge as the first principle) to Levi. All other tribes had to unify! This was the metaphysical purpose of paying tithes to Levi! But there was always a plurality and never a singular unit. Brides not bride! And so what of verses 9-27 of the second to the last chapter of Revelation.

We have the “brides”, the “Lamb’s wives” whom Yahchanan speaks of when saying “Come, I will show you”, and yet, did you see them? Did you recognize them before verse 26: “And they will bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it?”

A brief explanation of the entire book of Revelation is warranted before I reveal a great and mighty mystery hidden for ages until the time as Daniyl was told, “…seal the book to the time of the end.” (Daniyl 12:4) Let’s do a very brief overview of the chapters of Revelation and reveal how the book itself is and is not in chronological order in order to solidify the magnanimous truths you are about to learn.

Revelation Chapter 1 – We have an introduction from Yahchanan into the vision of the end and beginning of all things old and new. We have learned of the seven congregations, which by the way are all in Asia (“unique land, east”; the old ideas of the Garden, corrupted until now).

Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 – In Part 1 we did a thorough overview of the “congregating” thoughts and their intent.

Revelation Chapter 4 – Chapter 4 is an actual look at the end of the book of Revelation, the “things that must be after this (the unveiling of the entire book).” It is the end result of the book of Revelation and take special note of verse 4: “And surrounding the throne (center of consciousness; the front seat of the mind of Yahweh), twenty four (think, “12+12″) seats (mental positions), and sitting on the seats I saw twenty-four elders (Hmmm.., who could they be?).” Metaphysically we can also see how in the renewed Kingdom of perfection, the 24 equals 6, and 6 is now representative of renewed man (thought) rather than just man (fallen thought; 6) .

Revelation Chapter 5 – Chapter 5 also coincides with the timing of chapter 4, but it looks back and expresses what is going to happen before the completion of Revelation, leading to chapters 21 and 22. The scroll (“writing, recounting”; the same Hebrew word for “book”, as in “Book of Life”). This
opening of the Book of Life (scroll), seal (hidden until now) by seal, is the beginning of mental judgment all souls living (consciously active) during the time of the opening of the scroll (Book of Life).

Revelation Chapter 6 – Each seal represents both the closing in and the closing out of perfect consciousness. It is profoundly important to herein mention our original premise, the purpose of the “last sacrifice”. Though we have a bit more travel to do to get back to that premise, needing to establish more of the foundation as to “why” the last sacrifice was/is so critical, the opening of the seals is that which condemns wicked souls, while at the same time mandates a death for souls chosen for eventual perfection. The fifth seal specifically is the mandate of “He who loses his life will find it”, for those who have yet to do so. It needs to be understood that either way, a chosen soul must mentally die to be mentally resurrected, or the soul must physically die to be mentally resurrected. These are the only two patterns available and a big key to the importance of the “last
sacrifice”. We’ll get there soon, but let’s first look at what each seal represents in the world of consciousness.

Seal 1 (Revelation 6:1-2, Leviticus 26:14-17, Matthew 24:1) – See Chart 1 to understand the “four living creatures” (lion, ox, eagle, man). This is the spirit of terror (white horse) being released into the conscience of both chosen and souls not chosen. The process of terror is meant to lead chosen souls back to Yahweh (the closing in), and wicked souls away (the closing out) from Yahweh. For those of you who want to know more than what this work intended to express, I will go beyond and put a physical date(s) to each seal. (1996- 2002)

Seal 2 (Revelation 6:3-4, Leviticus 26:18-20, Matthew 24:1-2) – This seal opens to “extreme weather” which is conducive to turbulent thoughts. The “red” (red horse) goes back to (adam) and the giving over to all the turbulence of carnality. Remember, both chosen and unchosen souls are mentally and physically experiencing this time which as you will see is known as satan’s (that “whisper” within; see “The Devil Inside”) wrath. (2003-2009)

Seal 3 (Revelation 6:5-6, Leviticus 26:21-22, Matthew 24:7-8) – This seal opens to “pestilence, quakes, famine”. The “black” (black horse) is the death each conscience must face. Some to perfection others to condemnation (“hell”). (2010- 2016)

Seal 4 (Revelation 6:7-8, Leviticus 26:23-26, Matthew 24:8-9) – This seal opens to “war”. The importance of this seal is that it is the true beginning of a death forced (pale horse = death), yes forced upon not only the wicked soul, but also those chosen for perfection. Yahweh mandated a death must take place and a HUGE mistake that many particularly in Christianity make, is that Yahshua’s death some how negated yours, when He Himself said, “Take up your stake now and deny yourself,” thinking that He was somehow kidding. Remember the two patterns available: a chosen soul must mentally die to be mentally resurrected, or as we are now seeing, that soul must physically die to be mentally resurrected. Well this is the time for those who had failed to mentally die beforehand (the key to the “last sacrifice”) and now they must die physically in order to be mentally perfected. This is that war! (2017- 2023)

Seal 5 (Revelation 6:9-11, Leviticus 26:27-39, Matthew 24:9-10) – The fifth seal opens to “captivity”. Here is more of that physical death now waiting upon that mental resurrection. Look at the cry: “How long, 0 Yahweh, holy and true (finally, the “self” will abolished), until You judge and avenge our blood (life force in consciousness) on those (thoughts) who dwell on earth (carnal mind of man)?” His reply, “Rest!” They must wait to be perfected with others at a time coming soon! (2024-2030)

Seal 6 (Revelation 6:12-17, Mattithyah 24:29-31) – Now that seals 4 and 5 caused the necessary death for all chosen souls, the only humans (thoughts) left are those predestined to destruction. This seal is the beginning of what is known as the “Day of Yahweh”; the day of His wrath (mental condemnation for wicked souls). Notice the blackened (dark) sun (illumination); no more illumination. Notice the moon (subconscious thought) turning to blood (complete carnality). Notice the falling (failing) stars (truths). (Beginning in 2030-2033)

Revelation Chapter 7 r Chapter seven actually takes place in the midst of the beginning of the sixth seal. We discussed the 144,000 at great length but as stated, timing is everything. The sealing of the 144,000 takes place BEFORE the 7th Seal!!! Why is this so so so crucial? Go quickly to Revelation 21:9 again. Do you see how the “seven bowls full of the seven last plagues” have NOT been opened yet? And yet there is ALREADY brides. Would it help if you understood that the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues happens within the 6th seal? So who in the heck got married to Yahshua during the 6th seal as the bowls and plagues of the seventh seal are poured out?? Anyone? Anyone? Can anyone see it yet? Let’s keep moving forward and explore:

It is crucial to now distinctly separate two specific groups of chosen souls in chapter seven! Verses 1-8 are specific to the 144,000, while verses 9-17 are for all other believers. Going back to the fifth seal let’s look at a specific verse, verse 11 of Revelation chapter 6 and examine it: “And a white robe was handed to them.” As you read further 11 … they should ‘rest’ for a little while, until it states, their fellow servants, and their brothers, who would be killed as they were, was completed.”

These who had to physically die, who now wait for their mental resurrection, are “handed” a white robe. Now going back to chapter 7, specifically verses 13 and 14, we find a pattern completed: “One of the elders (wise thoughts) asked, saying to me, ‘Who are these arrayed in white robes and where did they come from?'” (v.13). This is the “completed” work of chapter 6 verse 11. This is the
finalization of those * martyrs from the fifth seal. Verse 14 affirms this in that it states, “These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation (the fourth, fifth, and sixth seals).” So we see the two distinct groups, the 144,000 who are already sealed (they are those who mentally died to mentally resurrect) and all others (those who physically died in order to mentally resurrect). Timing is everything. The 144,000 are sealed during the 6th seal, before the 7th seal begins, (verses 1-8) while all others (verses 9-17) enter the Kingdom, yet not resurrected! Yahchanan is expressing two different groups and seeing them in two different time periods, all within chapter 7.

Revelation Chapters 8 9 & 10 – These three chapters are actually ignited at the 6th seal and they are known as “The Great Tribulation”, the time of Yahweh’s wrath on all reprobate souls. This happens in consecutive order as each seal is opened. Chapter 10 speaks of a message to the world after Yahweh’s wrath has been poured out. Remember, the brides have already married before these bowls and plagues.

Revelation Chapter 11 – The two witnesses (“drawing out” (Mosheh) and “strength of Yahweh” (Yliyah)) are killed during the fifth seal and resurrected for the words spoken at Revelation 7:14, the time in the future discussed at chapter 7 above. It is also important to note that verses 15-19 speak of a renewed Kingdom after the seventh seal has commenced. The ending of the 7th (completion) seal is the beginning of the Kingdom of Yahweh discussed in chapters 21 and 22 of

Revelation Chapter 12 – Chapter twelve happens during the fourth and fifth seals. It is the literal release of satan (the carnal “whisper” in every soul) being given complete authority by Yahweh to wreak havoc over both souls physically dying to be mentally resurrected, and souls bound to eternal reprobation (hell). The dragon/serpent is none other than the very “snake” in the Garden of Genesis, the carnal “self” will at it’s height (See “The Devil Inside”). This body of work is not intended to do a line by line commentary of the book of Revelation and by now, you have been appropriately introduced to the idea that everything speaks of a spirit Kingdom and it is immature to believe that it’s all talking about physical events. Dig deeper and find all the mysteries, but for now we are simply outlining the chronology of Revelation for the specific purpose of finding our brides (which we have, do you see it yet?), and then magnifying the crucial doctrine of why Yahshua was the “last sacrifice”, which has already been alluded to in the two patterns available for mental resurrection. On we go!

Revelation Chapter 13 – This chapter is taking place during the fifth seal. Look at verses 7-10 in particular. See the “war with the saints” and the “captivity”? This is the time the unfettered ego is given reign over all living and some (the chosen souls) will choose to physically die for “the testimony”, while others will choose the “self” will forever.

Revelation Chapter 14 – We have discussed a great portion of this chapter and the timing is during the sixth seal before the seventh seal (bowls, plagues, awes). I now want to give you an incredible key to open the door as to whom our brides may be. Look at verse 4, specifically one word; “virgins”.

Where have we seen this word before? Do you remember Samuel Tregelles and his “Gesenius Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon”, page 396? The one who correctly interpreted and translated

Revelation 19:7 – “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him; for the marriage of the Lamb has come (before the beginning of the 7th seal, during the 6th seal), and the House of Yahweh, all the VIRGINS who have been chosen, have made themselves ready!”

Yes loved one, the 144,000 and the 144,000 alone are the brides of Yahshua! It was them being described in Revelation 21:9-27; “Come, I will show you the brides…” We will continue to do a chapter chronology for Revelation but it was necessary to reveal the brides and to soon illustrate how all others, those who physically died in order to be mentally resurrected will be the servants in the Kingdom of Yahweh. The remaining verses of chapter 14, verses 6-20, is during the time of the fifth seal heading into the sixth seal, which is the actual timing of the “second coming” of Yahshua.

Revelation Chapters 15 and 16 – The seventh seal is the completion of the opening of the scroll (book). One of the most well known and misunderstood areas of Revelation is what is commonly referred to as “The Battle of Armageddon”. This event, which is almost certainly always referred to as a physical event, is actually the Hebrew words Har-Megiddo and it’s definitions include, “rendezvous, fortify, clip off”. The idea is that during the time of Yahweh’s wrath on reprobate souls only, He forever removes the carnal conscience from access to His Kingdom of perfection and forever banishes those souls. This is the time when Babylon (confusion) falls forever for the chosen, but lasts forever for the rest!

Revelation Chapter 17. – Chapter 17 is an overview of the “system” that was to be destroyed and was discussed at the end of chapter 14 and in great detail in chapters 15 & 16.

“Mystery (deceptive and secretive in the conscience) Babylon (mental “confusion”) the Great (mind consuming), the Mother (carnal understanding leading to carnal emotion) of the Harlots (mental idols) and of the Abominations (mental offenses) of the Earth (mind of man).” Judgment of consciousness has come!

Revelation Chapter 18 – Chapter 18 is also an overview of what happens at the end of the sixth seal and the opening of the seventh seal, the judgment of all unchosen wicked souls; wicked consciences. A reference is given to all who physically die in order to be mentally resurrected; those who were the fifth seal martyrs: “And in her (“confusion”) was found the blood (life force) of the prophets (anointed thoughts), and of the saints (sanctified thoughts), and of all who were slain (crucified) upon the earth (mind of man).” (vs. 24)

Revelation Chapter 19 – Timing is everything! Chapter 19 is the key to not only who the brides are, but it further emphasizes that a full understanding of the timing of events is crucial. Remember Rev 21:9 when it tells us, “And there came to me one of the seven malakim (mind “messengers”) who had the seven bowls FULL of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, ‘Come, I will show you the brides, the Lamb’s wives…” We now know that the seventh seal is where those bowls and plagues are poured out, emptied. They are Yahweh’s wrath on wicked thoughts, wicked souls. Because we have these facts, and it has been shown that Yahshua’s return is during the sixth seal; “…protect us from the wrath of the Lamb… for the day of his great wrath has come…” (6:16-17), it is imperative that when chapter 19 starts off by saying, “And after these things…” that we understand the chronology of Revelation. This is the reason we needed to go chapter by chapter in Revelation to show how timing is everything.

Chapter 19 if not understood in it’s proper chronology, can appear to be saying that “after these things” is referring to what is discussed in chapters 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18, leading up to chapter 19, and that is not so. Chapter 19 is discussing what happens at the end of the sixth seal, the events before the many chapters leading up to chapter 19. Remember our premise: The brides are married to Yahshua before the seventh seal begins because the bowls are still full and Yahshua comes back during the sixth seal to enact the “great wrath” of the Father that starts at the end of the sixth seal, into the seventh seal. So let’s see if chapter 19 upholds the truths proposed.

Rev 19:1 – “After these things”, is discussing everything that happens leading to the sixth seal, the time of the sealing and marriage of the 144,000 to Yahshua;

Rev 19:2 – The judgment that has come commences at Revelation chapter 6, verses 12-17. Also notice at chapter 7 how the 144,000 are sealed (and yes, this is also the wedding time) before that wrath begins;

Rev 19:3-4 – The twenty-four elders affirm what is to take place. The 24 elders (see chart 3); the 12 sons of Yaaclob, and the 12 disciples;

Rev 19:5-9 – As judgment is announced (the 6th seal and Yahshua’s wrath), the wedding is announced (the timing of chapter 7). Before the 7th seal, before the wrath is fully initiated, before the bowls and plagues are poured out, emptied, we have a sealing, a marriage of the 144,000;

Rev 19:10 – Yahchanan attempts to worship the malak for the vision but is stopped;
Rev 19:11-21 – These crucial verses also prove we are perfectly correct in our timing. Yahshua’s wrath is announced at chapter 6 in the sixth seal. Before that wrath can be poured out the 144,000 are sealed [married] to Yahshua (chapter 7 and the beginning of chapter 14). Now that the 144,000 are sealed the wrath can commence! The entirety of verses 11-21 of chapter 19 are about the wrath. Timing is everything and our timing is 100% accurate!

Rev Chapter 20- Chapter 20 has several significant events that transpire in order to forever separate the souls that will be forever reprobate (hell), and those souls forever protected due to the physical death they faced. Remember, a death was always the pattern to perfection; “He who loses his life will find it”. The purpose of this writing was to show how Yahshua’s sacrifice, the “last sacrifice” created the two categories available for the death process: 1) Mental death
leading to mental resurrection, or 2) physical death leading
to mental resurrection. We have seen #1 represented in the
lives of the 144,000 and now in chapter 20, we will see the
resurrection of all who physically died in order to receive a

Rev 20:1-3 – The carnal will (satan, the dragon) is sent to the pit (hell). But notice it is just “for a season”;

Rev 20:4 – The “thrones” are for the 144,000 (12,000 from every tribe; 12), and the “souls of the slain” are the martyred of the fourth and fifth seals. It is these who are martyred (physically killed) who will now be resurrected (mentally of course) to rule (priests) with Yahshua and His brides (those seated on thrones) for 1,000 (“family, yoking”; unification) years (mind training).
Rev 20:5 – All others who have died in the past, both righteous and wicked, wait to be resurrected after the 1,000 years;

Rev 20:6- Again, the martyred of the fourth and fifth seals will be the servants (priests) of Yahweh for 1,000 years while all others wait;

Rev 20:7 – Yahweh, after the 1,000 years (which can be likened to 1 day): “A thousand years is as a day”, releases the unfettered ego;

Rev 20:8 – Verse 8 shows us a very interesting pattern. During the 1,000 years (which again, can actually be a day), we see that we have groups of people who live and have been living (conscious and physical), who join with satan (the “whisper” of the self will) to battle. Gog (“elastic, stretched out”; selfishness) and Magog (the mental region of Gog) attempt to battle the mind of Yahweh;

Rev 20:9 – The selfish attempt of the remainder of the carnal will once again fights against thoughts of righteousness, and again loses;

Rev 20:10 – All workers of iniquity are sent to eternal mental torment;

Rev 20:11 – All reprobate thoughts flee from Yahweh;

Rev 20:12 – All of the dead, past and present are finally judged, some unto the perfect mental resurrection, others toeternal mental death (hell).

Rev 20:13 – The sea (turbulent thought process) forever judged;

Rev 20:14 – Mental “death” forever separated from those who were perfected by death (physical) to now be resurrected (mental);

Rev 20:15 – Game over!!

Revelation Chapter 21 – Chapter 21, similar to other chapters in Revelation has a specific time period being discussed. We have looked extensively at verses 9-27 and we have seen how the marriage takes place during the sixth seal, before the wrath of the seventh seal begins. This entire portion of scripture speaks to those already perfected before the time of the seals (4th, 5th, 6th). It is crucial to understand the metaphysical aspects of all that is being stated, for the “new heaven and the new earth” is nothing less than the restoration of Eden (mind “pleasure”) within the conscience of chosen souls. The old that passed away was the idea of the battle (flesh vs. Spirit) that had been ensuing since the days of Mosheh and the breaking and restoration of the tablets of stone. No longer would there be minds with Spirit and flesh, it would now and forever be one or the other. Chart 4 herein is an expression of all that is spoken within chapter 21 and it gives a closer understanding of how verses 9-27 actually do reveal the brides. When it is stated in verse 9, “Come, I will show you the brides, the Lamb’s wives,” it is a reference to those who followed pattern one: mental death to mental resurrection, and what is being shown is their perfected state of consciousness; the new heaven and the new earth. If you will notice on Chart 4, the breastplate (“contain, sparkle, holding”) is actually the mental armour necessary in order to begin the mental death – mental resurrection process. Notice how the tribes (mental faculties) and the stones (firmly established thoughts) actually create the twelve statements of a Royal Priest at the bottom of the page. “Putting on one’s armour” is none other than dressing yourself in the 12 statements that cause the mental resurrection necessary for all chosen souls. These 12 established mindsets have been and will continue to be spoken by those who have been chosen as the 144,000; the brides of Yahshua who sit on the thrones. All other saints, past and present, will be joyful servants in the Kingdom of Yahweh. No pain, no tears, no sorrow. The wolf (vicious thoughts) and the lamb (docile thoughts) will rest together. One more chapter and then we get to the last sacrifice.

Chapter 22 – Timing is everything and the timing of chapter 22 has always been a place of discord amongst those who claim faith. It would seem that since it is the last chapter of the entirety of scripture, that it would be the literal end of the story of mankind and life, and to a degree it is, but as you will see very soon, it is not a chapter about the very end, but a short time before the end.

Remember earlier how I referenced the idea when speaking of verse 17, that it was “one of the last five verses in all of scripture and yet we have people who are unmarried and still able to ‘Come!'” Now we go verse by verse and reveal long misunderstood patterns of the book of Revelation:

Rev 22:1 – “And he (the mind message) showed me a pure river (thought stream) of water (spiritual thoughts) of life (consciousness), clear as crystal (smoothness), proceeding from the throne (front seat of consciousness) of Yahweh and of the Lamb.”
Yahchanan is seeing a glimpse of mental perfection.

Rev 22:2 – “In the middle of it’s street (broadening), and on either side (N,S) of the river, the Tree (truth) of Life, which bears twelve (see all charts, represented by the 144,000) fruits (mental bearing), and yields her (the culmination of wisdom and understanding; Chochmah and Binah of the Tree of Life) fruit every moon (the completed subconscience, no longer hidden); and the leaves (mental inspirations) of the tree (truths) for the healing of the nations (constructs in thought).”
Pay close attention to the idea within that the nations are not yet healed as Yahchanan expresses his vision. Chapter 22 does not express that the healing has happened, but rather that it will happen. Timing is everything!

Rev 22:3 – “And there will be (upon completion) no more curse (option for the “self” will); but the Throne of Yahweh and of the Lamb will be in it; and His servants will serve Him.”

Again we see Yahchanan speaking to an event that has not taken place, and gives no specific indication of the timing of chapter 22. Or does it? Let’s move forward.

Rev 22:4- “And they (who?) will see His face (conscience countenance) and His Name will be in their foreheads (Oh, that is who! The 144,000!).”

And so we have the “who” and the timing now. We have discussed that the sealing of the 144,000 is the timing of the actual wedding between the 144,000 and Yahshua. The time at the 6th seal, before the 7th seal. Revelation chapter 7, verse3 tells us; “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed (forever perfected) the servants (see Rev 22:3, these are the brides who serve Yahweh, the Husband) of our Father in their foreheads (front seat of consciousness).” Revelation 22 takes place at the same time as Revelation 7, it is the result of Revelation 7!

Rev 22:5 – “And there will be no night (mental dullness) there. And they need no lamp (illumination), nor light of the sun (temporary clarity), for Father Yahweh gives them light (mental “Oneness”). And they will reign (this is the “thrones” of Rev 20:4) forever and ever.”

Mental perfection for the 144,000 who sit on the thrones of the mind of the bride of Yahweh and Yahshua.

Rev 22:6 – “And he said to me: ‘These sayings are faithful and true, and Yahweh, the Father of the holy prophets, sent His malak (mind messages) to show (consciously reveal) to His servants (those who embrace perfection before physical death) the things which must be done shortly.'”

Rev 22:7 – “Behold, I come quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this Book.”

Rev 22:8 – “And I, Yahchanan (the “gift” of truth in the conscience), saw these things, and heard (understood) them. And when I had heard and seen (perceived), I fell down to worship before the feet (stability) of the malak who showed me these things.”

Rev 22:9 – “But he said to me, ‘Do not! For I (the mind message) am your fellow servant, and of your brothers (co- faculties) the prophets (inspired thoughts), and of those (144,000) who keep the sayings of this Book! Worship Yahweh!'”

Rev 22:10 – “And he said to me, ‘Do not seal (this is now the fulfillment of Daniyl 12:9) the sayings of the prophecy of this Book, for the time (revelation for those with eyes to see and ears to hear; timing is everything!) is at hand (grasp).'”

Rev 22:11 – “He who is unjust (right before the 7th seal), let him be unjust still; and he who is filthy (right before the 7th seal), let him be filthy still; and he who is righteous (before the 7th seal), let him be righteous still; and he who is holy (the sealing of the 144,000 before the 7th seal), let him be holy still.”

Rev 22:12 – “And behold, I (the mind messenger, Yahweh) come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to every man (thought) according (there is a mental hierarchy in the Kingdom) as his work will be.”

Rev 22:13 – “I am the first (“Aleph”; family, mental yoking) and the last (“Tau”; mental sign), the Beginning (of all thought) and the End (of all thought).”

Rev 22:14 – “Blessed are those who keep His Laws (mind patterns), that they may have a right (a right not yet fulfilled as Yahchanan speaks; a time after Revelation chapter 21) to the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates (see charts 3a & 3b) into the city.”

Rev 22:15 – “For outside (the conscience bound to hell) are dogs (mental attacks), and sorcerers (mental rebellions), and whoremongers (mental adulteries), and murderers (mental violence), and worshippers of might (“self” reliance) and everyone (every thought) who claims to love, yet practices breaking the Law.”

Rev 22:16 – “I, Yahshua, have sent my malak to testify to you (the elect) these things in the congregations (gathering of thoughts) in the House (Temple within) of Yahweh. I am the root (stability, life force) and the offspring (mental lineage) of David (“boil”; love and praise), the Bright
Morning (dawning) Star (high exalted truth).”

Rev 22:17 – “And the Spirit (Ruach; Ammah; breath of Yahweh in the conscience) and the brides (at the timing of Revelation chapter 7), say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who is thirsty come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” And now we see that this call to ‘Come!’ is for the timing after the sealing (mental marriage), and it is for all saints from the past to the present. This is a call to come to the fulfillment of the marriage of the Lamb and complete “Oneness” with Yahweh. But you must be ready for it!

Rev 22:18 – “For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this Book: If any man (thought) will add to these things, Yahweh will add to him (multiplying thoughts) the plagues (the upcoming wrath of the 7th seal) that are written in this Book.”

Rev 22:19 – “And if any man will take away (“we can’t be perfect”) from the words of this Book of prophecy, Yahweh willtake away his part (mental function) out of the Book of Life, and out of the holy city (“Yahweh Is There”), and the things which are written in this Book.”

Rev 22:20 – “He who testifies these things, says, “Surely I come quickly (at the time of the 6th seal before the 7th seal) HalleluYahweh (praise Yahweh)! May this be sol Come (because He has not yet come as Revelation chapter 22 is not the very end, but before the very end), says Yahshua the Messiah.

Rev 22:21 – “The love (never failing) of our King (dominant mindset), Yahshua the Messiah, be with you all (chosen thoughts, chosen minds). HalleluYahweh!

Revelation Chapter 22 – The end! Perfection or utter reprobation; heaven or hell. The servants of verse 3 are those of the very same from Chapter 7:14-15. “Outside” means forever banished from the perfected conscience and inside the Spirit and the brides say, “Come!”

The Last Sacrifice:
Sacrifice; the Hebrew word is zabach (zaw-bakh). It’s definition, slaughter. Have you come far enough to be able to discern the Hebraic intent yet? Knowing it all speaks to a spiritual Kingdom, the entire language, what is the intent? To “slaughter” what? And in order to be the perfect sacrifice, to slaughter how much of the “what”?

There is no better book in the entirety of the Book of Life then the book oEHebrews (“across, cross”; the mind intended to cross over to perfection) when it comes to summing up the concept of Yahshua’s “once and for all and for all time” act of mental slaughter. His denial of every single aspect of his “self” will to the point where he never once bowed to it. Never once! Let alone not even one hour or one day but never once in decades! Perfection in thought was always the command of Yahweh. “Eat from these trees (truths) but not from that tree (the truth about sensual desire)” was never optional! It was a command – “You may do this, you may not do that!” Even after the unilateral Covenant to restore chosen souls through a process of elimination – “Your will must go, only mine can stay”, perfection was still the command. “Be perfect as I and my Father are perfect!” The absurd and even devastating lie purported amongst the masses of those who claim to believe is that, “We can’t be perfect” or “No one is perfect” or “Jesus was the only one who was perfect.” These deadly mindsets formed into spoken words are a sure invitation to pattern 2 discussed previously: physical death in order to mentally resurrect. Perfection in thought, and therefore sinlessness, is and has ALWAYS been commanded and yet, timing is everything. The manifestation of perfected ones (144,000 to be exact) in earth (mind of man) and on earth, has always been a predetermined event with specific timing. As the prophets of old knew, the death and resurrection of Yahshua was to be a part of the timing for men could have not possibly attained to perfection before His life, the life of the last sacrifice was manifest, taken, and then fully manifest for all. Let’s look at some scriptures in Hebrews and notice a definitive timeline that needs attention.

Hebrews 9:6-10 – “Now when these things (the mental elements) had been arranged in this way, the priests (judging thoughts) always went into the first part (the “Holy Place”; the entrance to Yahweh’s conscience) performing the service, but into the second part (“The Holy of Holies”; the front seat

Hebrews 9:11-1 – “But (and here comes a change in time) the Messiah (“anointed” thought) came near (into mental covenant) as a High Priest over the righteous (right thinking) things to come, with the great and more perfect tabernacle (mind) not made with hands (carnal grasping), that is, not of this (carnally induced) creation. Not through the blood (conscious life force) of bulls (“look, dividing”; stubbornness) and calves (“frisking, revolve”; ignorance), but through His own blood (the shedding of His “self” will) He entered the Most Holy Place once, for all (for “all” time, as well as for “all” chosen souls), having obtained (consciously grasped) eternal (“front, east, precede”; things beyond carnal understanding) redemption (mental kinship). For if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes (refuse) of a red (sinful) heifer (separatist) sprinkling the unclean (impure thoughts) sanctifies (sets apart) for the purifying (temporary cleaning) of the flesh (carnal thoughts), how much more (more perfect) will the blood of the Messiah, who offered (consciously slaughtered) Himself (His “self” will) without spot (a single dirty thought) to Yahweh, PURGE YOUR CONSCIENCE FROM DEAD (“self” induced) WORKS TO SERVE (consciously obey at all times) THE LIVING (consciously active) FATHER? And for this reason (the timing and the realization of a perfect sacrifice), He (“Yahweh saves”) is the Mediator (“author and perfecter”) of a renewed (all past history having been brought to this very specific time) covenant (unilateral mind contract) under which, through the means (mental acts) of death (removal of all “self” will) to bring redemption from transgressions (mind sins) committed under (the flesh vs. Spirit battle) under the covenant, the first (first born, first fruits; 144,000) who are called may receive the promise of eternal inheritance (mental lineage).”

And so we peek into a reality that perhaps for the first time ever for you, prompts new thoughts, new ideas. We see that before Yahshua (“Yahweh saves”, the mantra of freedom) perfection in consciousness was commanded, yet not possible.

The reality of Hebrews 11:39-40 with more detail. The “once, for all” of verse 12 of chapter 9 introducing what could be summed up in a statement from the Father like, “It’s time! The time for the availability of a perfect conscience and it’s manifestation has come!” Let’s keep at it in Hebrews and shore up the idea:

Hebrews 9:19-28 – “For when Mosheh (“drawing out”; the conscience struggling for cleanliness) had told the people (congregating thoughts) every precept (“mental” rule) of the Law (mind patterns), he took the blood (conscious life force) of calves (ignorance) and goats (resistance), with water (disillusions yet purified), scarlet (“crimson”; willful sin), wool (“shaggy”; intellectual error), and hyssop (flawed character) and sprinkled (scattered) both the Book (mind patterns) and the people, saying, ‘This (this process) is the blood (life force) of the Covenant (unilateral mind contract wherein Yahweh Himself reveals and then redeems the “self” will of chosen souls unto His will) which Yahweh has commanded (Bye bye “free will”) you (redeemed thoughts, redeemed mind) I.

Then in the same way (mental direction) he sprinkled both the tabernacle (temporary dwelling yet complete) and all articles(mental tools) of the ministry (mind attendance) with blood (new life force enacted from old). For to bind (consciously adhere to) anything (any thought) by the Law, it must be with blood (either carnal or spiritual life force); so without shedding (removal) of blood (carnal life force) there is no remission (mental deliverance). Therefore (because of the mandated unilaterally covenanted pattern) it was necessary that the pattern (mind laws, statutes, decrees, oracles, judgments, etc.) of the heavenly (consciously exalted) things (boundaries available in thought; N,S,E,W) should be purified with these (temporary conditions), but (timing is everything) the heavenly things themselves are better (more perfect) sacrifices than these (temporary fixes; physical operations).

For the Messiah (supreme anointed thought, “Yahweh saves”) had not entered into the holy (sanctified) place (mental throne; front seat of consciousness) made with hands (carnal intellect) patterns of the true (perfected ways), but into heaven (Yahweh’s thought plain) itself, now (since his mental death and resurrection) to appear (illuminate) in the presence of Yahweh for us (thoughts being redeemed and saved); Nor did he enter to offer himself again and again (imperfect ability to completely purify), the way the priest (thoughts yet fully able to judge perfectly) enters the Most High Place every year (repetition) with blood belonging to others (not in complete mental control of carnality or Yahweh) – for then (if Yahshua would have not been perfected through sinlessness) he would have had to suffer (continually battle the “self”) again since the foundation of the world (entire thought plain; N,S,E,W); but now once (one sinless sacrifice), for all (for all time and for all chosen souls) in the end (timing is everything) of the age (Gen 6:3, 120 years = 5880 years = Adam to the year 2045 C.E.). He has appeared (consciously revealed himself) to do away with sin (all mental transgressions within chosen souls) by the sacrifice (mental slaughtering) of himself (of his “self” will; Not my will but thy will. Not my will but thy will.”) And as it is appointed (an appointed time) for all men (thoughts) to die, [1) mental death = mental resurrection 2) physical death means mental resurrection] once, but after this judgment (6th & 7th seals). So also the Messiah was offered to bear (consciously carry and cure) the sins of many (all whom were chosen); and that to those who look for him, he will appear the second time (the time of mental resurrection), apart from sin, unto salvation (a saved mind).”

The last sacrifice! The difficulty you are facing even now is the idea of perfection itself. The reality that is not only commanded but that Yahweh has given us the ) “Now is the time for the full realization for men other than Yahshua,” is the entire point of this body of work. It can no longer be that you refuse perfection as some intangible thing for such thinking has it’s consequences. The pattern that has been revealed herein is the idea of Yahshua as the last sacrifice and the two patterns that would now be made available to chosen men in to fulfill; “Pick up your stake (mental crucifixion) and deny yourself.” The idea that “Yahweh saves” and the totality of what that mantra both exposed and cured is the death and resurrection of a mind of sin, to that of absolute purity. Yahshua is the mental path to that death and resurrection and his life (conscious stream) is the way (the narrow availability in thinking) that all others must go through in order to achieve the same. Because he fulfilled the totality of the entirety of the Law (mind paths) without blemish, the timeline would now be established for all other chosen souls. BUT, two paths to the necessary death would now be revealed: 1) Those who choose to mentally crucify the “self” will while physically alive, in order to receive mental resurrection before Yahshua’s physical return, and 2) Those who reject the idea of the availability and command to “be perfect”, who still are under the command “he who loses his life will find it.” These must face a death in order to be resurrected and that leads to a physical death, which then mandates a mental resurrection as we saw in Revelation. Let’s look at one more area of Hebrews and digest some further illuminations:

Hebrews 10:1-2 – “For the Law (mind patterns), having a shadow (the physical aspects of keeping the law) of the righteous (right thinking) things to come (the manifestation of the Spirit Kingdom alone), and not the very image (the physical side) of the things (thoughts), can never with these same sacrifices (physical rituals that don’t transform the mind), which they (disobedient thoughts) offer continually year by year, make those who come near (close but never unto perfection) perfect (free from sin in the conscience), for then (if they were perfect) would they (mental sacrifices) not have ceased to be offered? For the worshippers (minds bowed to Yahweh) once purged (freed from “self” will) would have had no more consciousness of sins.”

Exactly! Because he was the last sacrifice, he alone would give permission to chosen souls to fulfill the command, “Be perfect!” What kind of Father would command perfection only to then not create the path to it? Christianity and it’s dogmatic mindsets as a whole refuses to embrace the narrow road doctrines under the guise of statements made earlier like, “Well no one was perfect but Jesus!” Shaul (the conscience desiring spiritual thoughts alone) fully understood the truth: “For the worshippers once purged (mentally resurrected), would have had no more consciousness of sin,” and yet the church screams, “We can’t be perfect.”

The “would have had” from Shaul is a prophetic unction of the future and those who will have rejected option #1 made available by the last sacrifice: mental death leading to mental resurrection. This leaves only one other option for the “you can’t be perfect” crowd, and that is physical death that leads to mental resurrection. The reason the 144,000 are “sealed” and will not die physically during the seals of Revelation, is because they have already faced their death (mental of course!). One more area of scripture and then we add the nuances to the equation:

Hebrews 10:12-23 – “But this man (anointed thought perpetuated continually in the conscience; “Yahweh saves”), after He offered one (his entire will) sacrifice for sins, sat (consciously resided) down at the right (wisdom, kindness, victory, male) hand of Yahweh. From that time (the time after his mental resurrection which was shadowed in the physical realm) on (for those who would appropriately “take up their stake”), waiting until his enemies (your sins) are made his footstool (“stamp, talebearer”; mental witness). For by one (specifically, the only offering that would fulfill Yahweh’s unilateral mind Covenant; the complete handing over of the “self” will) offering, he HAS (whether through option 1 or option 2) perfected forever those who ARE (a predestined act) sanctified (consciously “set apart”).

And the Holy Spirit (“breath”; the whisper of the Spirit within) also testifies (consciously verifies) to us (chosen thoughts); for after He had first said: ‘This is the Covenant that I will renew (bringing chosen souls back into the Garden state) with them after those days (years of illumination)’, says Yahweh: ‘I will put (unilaterally place) My Laws (mind patterns) into their hearts (“centers of intellect”), into their minds (the Hebrew word for “heart”) I will write (mentally inscribe) them:

Then (at the appointed time for option 1 and option 2), their sins (mental transgressions) and iniquities (mental perversities) I will remember (call to account) no more.’ Now where there is remission (removal) of these (sin & iniquity), no longer is there an offering (“Yahweh saves” having fulfilled it) for sin. Therefore (because of this) brothers (co -faculties in consciousness), having boldness to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood (the “shedding” of all carnality) of Yahshua (“Yahweh saves”), by a new (consciously renewed) and living (consciously active) way (the perfect mind) which he has consecrated power”; consciously completed) for us, through (beyond) the veil (mental “scales” caused by sin and iniquity), that is to say, his flesh (the act of never giving into “self” desire). A High (exalted) Priest (mind judge) over the House (temple within the conscience) of Yahweh. Let us (redeemed, sanctified, consecrated, saved thoughts) draw near (into mental “Oneness”) in full assurance (because of the last sacrifice) of the Faith (“Benyamin” within), having our hearts (minds) sprinkled from an evil (“self” reliant) conscience (soul activity; eternal memory) and our bodies (mindsets) washed with pure water (Spirit voice). Let us hold fast (mind like a flint) the confession (“perfection is possible because of you Yahshua”) of the faith without wavering (mental division); for He [Yahweh] who promised (promised to perfect) is faithful!”

If more needs to be said then will you open your mind to the idea that the more that is required is a greater understanding of the totality of all that the Scriptures speak to? Something that has always been and will always be your responsibility. We have a few more things to explore before we conclude. It should be that at the very least you would heretoforth and hereafter slow down when coming across verses like, “For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins.” (Heb 10:26). If you, before the reading of this body of work, believed you had “full knowledge of the truth”, and yet you can honestly confess “I still sin”, then what hope could you possibly have? It is a verse such as this that aligns with the command “be perfect” and gives you no excuse not to attain to it. Yes, you must believe it is possible (this is attaining to the knowledge of the truth) in order to achieve it, but to not do so is to settle and to settle is to buy “all in” on option 2: physical death leading to mental resurrection.

Let’s go back to the Old Covenant for a moment and discuss a very important area of scripture that will further emphasize the important patterns discussed herein: There is a reason that there is no such word as “baptism” in the Hebrew tongue. Poor Greeks! They tried so hard to disseminate the idea that the language of the “gods” could appropriately handle all that Yahweh intended by and through His perfect language, the Hebrew language. Let’s see what the Greeks have to say about what is intended to be something purely spiritual in it’s nature! baptisma_ (bap-tis-mah), “baptism”; from the Greek word baptizo (bap-ti-zo), “to make overwhelmed (i.e. fully wet).”

Hold that thought while we go to Numbers 31:22-33. “The gold (“shimmer, as oil”; wisdom not yet purified), silver (“pale, become”; love not yet purified), bronze (“ringing”; carnality yet purified), iron (“pierce”; consciousness yet purified), tin (“divide”; confusion yet purified), and lead (“dusty, pulverize”; dark thoughts yet purified). Everything that can endure (“stand”; stay mentally upright) fire (“burning”; severe conviction), you must put them (thoughts set like flint) through (mental testing) the fire, and they will be clean (in “Oneness” with Yahweh). Then it (the conscience being purified by fire) shall also be purified with water (spirit compassion) of purification. But all (those thoughts, those minds) that cannot endure the fire, must be put through water (removal of disillusion of thoughts).”

These mental immersions were always a matter of consciousness. Herewith we have the hidden pattern for perfection itself. Remember that timing is everything and that the predestined time for the “revealing of the sons of Yahweh” was to take place after Yahshua’s resurrection and before the 4th and 5th seals of Revelation. How profound is it that verse 24 of Numbers chapter 31, speaks of mental completion, and all the while on it’s surface, it seems to be talking about a physical battle: “And you shall wash (purify) your clothes (mental covering) after the seventh (completion; after the 1,000 year reign of Revelation; 1,000 years is like a day) day and be clean, and afterward (after your mental resurrection) you may come into the camp (the Kingdom).” What was meant to show what happens when the Spirit invades a conscience, and the two available options manifested (fire = mental death to mental resurrection, water = physical death to mental resurrection) are what specifically referenced with Hebrew intent, has been for centuries watered down by pagans and Greeks alike. Remember what the Greeks and their language said of the process of Numbers discussed above: “baptism; to make overwhelmed (i.e. fully wet).” Does this concept taken from the Hebrew concept of “immersion” fit the bill? Would you have been able to decipher the spiritual intent with the Greek words and their definitions? A little more on the fire that so few will be willing to face before their physical death. To explain, we go to the book of Daniyl (“mighty judge”; wisdom in the conscience).

So powerful would he and his three friends be in the conscience of spiritual matters, that the king of human intellect, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon (“confusion”) would attempt to alter their mental position. From Daniyl (“mighty judge”; the discerning spiritual consciousness) to Baalteshazzar (“whom the Lord protects”; thoughts leading to trust in the material world); from Hananyah (“Yahweh is gracious”) to Shadrach (“command of the moon”; reliant upon subconscious perspectives); from Mishayl (“who is like Yahweh”) to Meshach (“guest of the king”; human centered honor); from Azaryah (“Yahweh is mighty”) to Abednego (“servant of divine”; carnal will). The conscience of chosen children would engage in this inner battle until appointed times which we have only begun to unfold in this body of work.

The inner battle (the flesh vs. the Spirit pattern; please see the whole of the book of Romans for more on this) that would commence once Yahweh told Mosheh, “Chisel out two stone tablets like the first ones.” The king (chief thoughts in consciousness) represented herein as Nebuchadnezzar (the weapon the flesh uses to down play the spirit, the human intellect), does all it can to diminish the power of Yahweh (Daniyl, Hananyah, Mishayl, Azaryah) by supplanting it’s own thoughts of rightness (Baalteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego). It would not be long until the four men of Yahweh would reveal that though they were not physically alive during the times of Revelation, they would be fully alive in the conscience of those men who would be immersed by fire before the seals of Revelation. Let’s take a look and see:

You should know the story. Nebuchadnezzar (herein after “Nebby”) would demand thatHananyah, Mishayl and Azaryah worship a golden statue of himself and they would refuse to do it (Daniyl 3:10-14). The three thoughts of Yahweh stand against bowing to human intellect and for that Nebby threatens to throw them into the midst of a burning fiery furnace (here comes that immersion from the book of Numbers). Their response to Nebby, “There is no need for us to answer you cautiously in this matter. If we are thrown into the burning fiery furnace, our Father, whom we serve, is able to deliver us; and may he deliver us from your hands (mental grasp), 0 king.” (Dan 3:16- 17).

A very very very important thing has just happened. Let us remember the words of Numbers 31:23, “…but all that cannot endure the fire…” It is imperative that you understand that the true test must come! If Yahweh commands immersion either of fire and water or just simply water, then it must come. It is imperative that you answer a question within yourself right now! If you need to read Daniyl chapter 3 before you answer then do so. The question is this: Did Hananyah, Mishayl and Azaryah prove to Yahweh that they were fully committed to step right into the fire with zero
reservations? Asked another way, did Yahweh perceive and know that these three men (thoughts) were 100% committed to trusting Him while going into the fire? Your answer should be a resounding “Yes!” And you would be correct in this assertion. It is so important as you will soon see, that we must state it again another way: Yahweh the All Knowing, knew that these three men (thoughts) were going to give up their lives trusting in Him. This is the exact representation of what the “fire” is intended to illustrate in the many scriptures that discuss fire. The fierce struggle against the “self” will, unto death of the “self” will. “He who loses his life (thoughts born from self will) will find it (Yahweh’s will alone)!” So let’s look at the rest of the story and find something unwritten, yet forever inscribed on the minds of men who also have jumped into the fire.

After their refusal and mocking tone infuriates Nebby, he orders that his men “Heat the furnace seven (completion) times hotter that it was normally heated.” (3:19) You see, when you commit to the commanded death, Yahweh is sure to help you complete (the #7) the process unto perfection. And then the help comes: “Then king Nebuchadnezzar was amazed….saying to his counselors (thoughts), ‘Did we not throw three (conviction) men bound into the midst of the fire?… Look! I see four (Yahweh completes a sane mind, sending “Yahweh saves”) men loose (free) walking in the midst of the fire, and they are unharmed! And the fourth one looks like a son of the mighty.'” (3:24-25)

You will find that all three came out of the fire unscathed and this in itself mandates the cry “All Glory to Yahweh, Yahweh saves!”, but there so much more to dissect. You must come face (His) to face (yours) with a much deeper mystery that needs to be digested (mentally of course) for some time. We agreed that all three men were fully committed to the fire (obedience to Yahweh at the cost of total destruction of the self will). We agree that Yahweh whom “knows the mind of every man,” saw their 100 9 6 allegiance. So the question we must face is why? Why would Yahweh throw them into the fire “seven t – imes hotter” after knowing they were already “all in”? Would their proven acts of faith and courage not mandate a resolve BEFORE the fire? Why would Yahweh throw them in anyway? Why? Why? Whoever answers correctly is well on the way to being a man/woman made for the immersion of fire.

It is the human condition loved one. Until there is no more hue of man, one cannot truly see Yahweh. The reason Yahweh in His ever abiding perfection threw them in anyway is because of the reality that had He not, there would have been a day, maybe not right away, maybe even years away, when everyone of them would have said within, “I wonder if He would have saved us and brought us out of the fire?” You see loved one, it was the greatest gift Yahweh could offer a once broken soul. For to throw them in and then bring them out after, would forever remove any doubt loved one. The fire is a tool of mercy meant to forever mold a broken image into a perfected image and rejection of the fire would be rejection of perfection. This is the stark difference between the 144,000 and the rest of those who have been chosen. The fire removes all doubt, al fear, all that is left of the carnal desire of self preservation. These three men never doubted again! They praised Yahweh daily; “You threw us in knowing it was the only way to truly save us. 0 Yahweh, we magnify Thy Name; Yahweh saves!” And what of Daniyl?

Daniylis fire was of a different making. He was forbidden to worship anyone other than Darius (“one who conserves/restrains”; unrefined will) (Daniyl 6:6-7) and Daniyl’s response: “…he went into his house (mental temple).

And in his upper (exalted) room (mind space) where the windows (mental entrances) opened toward Jerusalem (“peace”), he knelt (humbled his mind) on his knees (blessing) three (conviction) times in a day and prayed, and gave thanks before Yahweh, just as he had done before (before the fire came).” (Daniyl 6:10)

Like his three comrades the decision is made. The den (lurking) of lions (“violence, pluck”; severe convictions, mental threats) it would be. So great was Daniyl’s conviction that even king Darius stated, “Your Might, Whom you serve so faithfully, will have to save you.” (Daniyl 6:16) After being thrown in the lions den overnight, Darius rushes to see Daniyl and this response comes from Daniyl: “0 king, live forever (a renewal from the unrefined will to a singular will with Yahweh)! Yahweh has sent His malak (mind “message”) and has closed the lions (mental violence) mouths (breath), so that they (violent thoughts brought by and through the fire of Yahweh, the immersion) have not hurt me. For I (“mighty judge” of thoughts) have been found innocent (the virgin mentality of the 144,000) before Him; and also before you, 0 king, have I done no harm.” (Daniyl 6:21-22)
Another man (thought) that would never doubt again! All the way in, all the way out! Mental death for a mental resurrection, physical body intact. Option 1, and this before the appointed time of perfection on the earth. Daniyl as with his three brothers, are all manifestations of the exact meaning of their names, but not to be mistaken as physical representations. Each thought (man) a part of the conscience of each chosen soul if that soul chooses it. We all have a Daniyl, a Hananyah, a Mishayl, and an Azaryah within. The question is, will yoa let those thoughts guide you into the fire, whether furnace or lion’s den or of another making? Yahshua (“Yahweh saves”) was the last sacrifice. In it’s fullness it was the thought leading to the idea that Yahweh alone can redeem a soul. That Yahweh alone can guide a soul.

That Yahweh alone was, is and will forever be the ONLY source of power. (Isayah 44:6, 8, 45:5, 14, 18, 21, 22, 46:9). It is the unearthing of the concept that mankind was never intended to think apart from Yahweh. “Reverence Yahweh by keeping His Laws, for this is the whole duty of man”. (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

Had we simply obeyed every command rather than follow a carnal desire to “choose” otherwise, sin would have never entered the world, the thought world. Because Yahshua died within He also died without, He physically perished. And then He resurrected mentally and the physical followed but in truly different form. The last sacrifice altered the unilateral Covenant by not only filling it “once and for all” but by creating two distinct new patterns for those who would follow. Those who accepted that “be perfect” was both possible and non- negotiable because of the last sacrifice, stood a great chance of mentally perfecting themselves. Not forgetting that timing is everything, they would have held to doctrine that supported that knowledge. Like Daniyl and friends, they would prove their position (their mental part of the body conscience) and they would have waited for the manifested time of the “revealing of the sons of Yahweh”; the time of the 144,000.

The rest would certainly go through water as all chosen vessels had this command to adhere to, but they would have fell short. Not quite losing all of their life in order to find it, they would Have been mandated to do so at the appointed time as well. Some from the past having not quite fulfilled all that they could have, would physically die and wait upon a glorious day in the future. Those living currently will find the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th seals sneak up on them without much preparation for such things. It will be find it (mentally) at the second resurrection discussed herein.

No foreword but an afterword? If you think about it, I risked the potential of losing you before we ever started.

Yes, this was part 2 of an already mentally hefty body of work, but to ignore the earthly reality would have been unwise. The earthly reality? The idea that a great majority – Messianic, Judaic, Christian, pagan, agnostic, atheist and more, believe that perfection is an unattainable thing for mankind. Those of the “believing” category make statements that we have delved into, all leading to an inevitable conclusion (a mental condemnation) within their own soul – “He was perfect but we can’t be!” Of the “non -believing” class it is much more efficient – “He does not exist, do as you will!” If your willing to receive it, both groups are saying the same thing.

The word is tamym (tay-meem). It’s definition is “entire, integrity.” It’s root word is tamam (taw- am); “complete”.

This is the intent of the Hebrew word for perfect. There is another, it is the Hebrew word qodesh (ko-desh). It’s definition is “scared”. It’s root word is qadash (kwah-dash); “be”. This is the intent of the Hebrew word for holy. It would be none other than the original state of consciousness had we adams not “chosen” to think apart from the eternal I Am. The protected, hedged (Garden) mental state that would only bring pure pleasure (Eden), ruined by a lust for a “free will” that would only ever lead to death. A will apart from predetermined perfection would always be a death will. Their time to lose their life (physically) in order to then Again, if you are willing (and this means option 1 and option 2 are always “chosen”) to receive it, adam and all adams and eves who would follow, were never intended to think for themselves. All thought boundaries (N,S,E,W) had been established, all forbidden thoughts had been named by adam (every beast of the field, every bird of the air, everything that creeps on the ground). The attempt to “choose” other than what was already deemed “good”, was an attempt to alter perfection. And tthhee ffoooolliisshhnneessss continues today. A few words from Yahshua at this time:

Mattithyah 5:48 – “Therefore, become perfect, just as your Father who is in heaven is perfect.”

Mattithyah 19:21 – “Yahshua said to him (the material conscience), ‘If you want to become perfect, go sell of what you have, and give a tithe (first fruits of spiritual manna) to the poor (humbled thoughts), and you will have treasure (spiritual gifts) in heaven (the exalted thought plain); and you will be walking in Yahweh’s ways, and follow me.'”

Luke 6:40 – “The disciple (mental discipline) is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfect will be as his teacher.”

Luke 8:14 – “The seed (mental fruit) that fell among thorns (prickled) are those(thoughts) who, when they had heard, go out and are choked with worries and anxieties, riches and pleasures of this age; and bring no fruit to perfection.”

Yahchanan/John 17:23 – “I in them and You in me, so that they (chosen thoughts) may be made perfect in unity; and that the world (thought boundaries) may know that You have sent me, and loved them, as You have loved me.”

And now a few words from he (the thought) who said, “Follow (mentally adhere to) me as I follow Yahshua (Yahweh saves)”:

“What shall we (chosen thoughts, chosen minds) say then (since it is only by unilateral Covenant that the attempt at mind salvation even exists)? Should we go on sinning (mentally transgressing), so that mercy and pardon may abound? (Are we to take advantage of Yahweh by saying things like, “I’ll always be a sinner”?) By no means! How can we, who have died (mentally vanquished) to sin (the “self” will), live in it (mental reprobation) any longer (since Yahweh Himself gave us a new Spirit)? Or are you ignorant that as many of us (the chosen) were immersed (erroneously titled “baptized”) into Yahshua (Yahweh saves) the Messiah (“anointed” thought, anointed thinker) were immersed (consciously made aware of)

His death (utter denial of “self” will)? Therefore (because of this), we (thoughts once carnal) are buried (forever void) with Him by immersion into death (“He who loses his life will find it”); in order that, just as the Messiah was raised (consciously exalted) from the dead (ego) through the plan (the fullness of the unilateral Covenant) of the Father, we (the mentally redeemed) also (like Yahshua), may walk (mentally stroll) in newness (unified with Yahweh’s will alone) of life (consciousness). For if we become (through Covenant) one (mentally unified) with Him, by sharing (consciously participating) a death (removal of “self” will like Him, we will also be one with His resurrection (mental salvation). For we know (understand) this: that our old self (personal thoughts and ideas) was sacrificed (mentally slaughtered) with Him, so that the body (mindset) of sin MIGHT (here is where one must choose option 1, or option 2 will be chosen for you!) be destroyed in that, FROM NOW ON, WE WOULD NOT SERVE SIN. For he who is dead (to “self” will) is freed from sin (“self” will). Now if we died (agreed that Yahshua gave us the right to be perfect), we believe that we will also live (consciously reside as One) with Him knowing that the Messiah (anointed mind), having been raised from the dead (“free will” mantra), dies no more (Yahweh’s promise fulfilled through obedience to Him); death (mental void) no longer has power (seductive pull) over him. For the death He died, He died to sin once, for all; that He lives, He lives to Yahweh.”
(Romans 6:1-10)

Let there be no doubt that the totality of scripture would support perfection as a process; here a little there a little. But it is a process with an intended end and that end is mental perfection; salvation! You would do well to find one single scripture that would support the idea that perfection was something only to be attained AFTER physical death?

Because you are so accustomed to believing everything is written about a physical Kingdom rather than a purely spiritual Kingdom, yOur error is a one way ticket to that physical death – a physical death while not perfected! Option 2 all the way!

So what do I do? How can I possibly get back on the narrow path that leads to life and get off the broad road that leads to destruction? It is actually and beautifully quite simple. It is the words of Yahchanan the Immerser all over again: “Repent and be immersed!” Ask the Ruach (Spirit) of Yahweh to wash and cleanse your mind anew with fire and water, and ask for forgiveness for using the lame excuse that when he said “Be perfect,” that He didn’t mean it. Repent and if you must be immersed for the first time ever, not “In the Name of the Father, Son and Spirit,” BUT, “In Yahweh, in Yahshua and in Ammah (the Spirit of Yahweh)!” If you think this is but a small matter then once again you think apart from the Spirit of Perfection. 144,000 in today’s population is .00192% of the
total population. A narrow path indeed!

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