Otherworldly – The True Promised Land


In order to fully perceive, and this means “consciously grasp,” all that Yahweh intends in scripture, we must first discuss the overarching mandate about scripture. Two specific verses do this most crucial of tasks well:

The first spoken by Yahshua the Messiah when he states, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36) The word for Kingdom 0 (malkuw, malkuwth, malkuth, malkuyah) carries the definitions; “rule, dominion, realm.” Interestingly enough, it is also known as the “humility” branch of the Tree of Life within. And so we now grasp that Yahshua was saying to us that, “My ‘rulership, dominion, realm’ is not of the physical world man lives in.”

The second verse that magnifies a specific reality is found in Luke 17:21, “Neither will they say, ‘Look here!’ or; ‘Look there!’ For behold, the Kingdom of Yahweh is within (consciously among) you.”

And so it is with these scriptures and the many that uphold and affirm them, that we must come to a conclusion that will forever alter and illuminate perceptions that have been far too long held onto. With a simple question, we break through vast paradigms and open ourselves to a whole new world of thought processes; thought processes that as well, are not of this world. The question: “If the Kingdom of Yahweh is not of this world, but rather, the world within, then are any of His Laws, Commands, Precepts, Statutes and the like, for this world? This physical world?”

Utilizing this most holy of patterns, we now commence to answering one of the most poignant questions available to the seekers of absolute truth: “If His Kingdom is not of this physical world, then what is the ‘promised land,’ and what in fact is the ‘nation of Israyl; the people of Israyl?’”

We start in the garden (“hedge, protected”) and move on from there. Hedge, protected: Right away, upholding the mandated pattern, we see the garden as a place of protection, and this, over the processes of thought that would be available to mankind. Let’s look at a specific scripture to unveil the pattern even further.

“Then Yahweh blessed him and Yahweh said to him: ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it: have rulership over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.’” (Genesis 1:28)

“But it certainly looks like Yahweh is speaking of a physical world?” Of course this has been your long held perception and we will begin to peel back the layers as we simply define terms according to the holy language; the language of another realm; the Hebrew language.

“Then (after creating all available realms of consciousness: dark, light, sun, moon, stars, trees, etc.) Yahweh (The Perfect Consciousness) blessed him (Adam) and Yahweh said to him (mankind): ‘Be fruitful (spiritually bear forth) and multiply (duplication of perfect thoughts); fill the earth 1 (erets, eh-ret” – “to be firm,” man’s mental dominium) and subdue (take mental dominion) it (consciousness, the Spirit Kingdom): have rulership (spiritual thought control) over the fish 2 (“rapid,” unruly thoughts) of the sea 3 (“roar, noise,” tempestuous thought realm), over the birds 4 (“cover,” obscure thoughts) of the air 5 (“lofty,” grandizement, “self” righteousness), and over every living (consciously active) thing (thought process) that moves (swiftly glides) upon the earth (totality of man’s thought realm).’”
Due to our failure to “take every thought captive unto obedience,” we would be forced out of the protected thought world originally intended, now leading to a battle within; the “flesh vs. Spirit” pattern revealed to us in scripture. Let’s move forward to the time of the Exodus (leaving behind of the carnal “self”), on the journey to the Promised Land.

“So I have come down to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a rich land, a spacious land, to a land flowing with milk and honey; the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jeburites.” (Exodus 3:8)

Physical or spiritual? Both? Physical then spiritual? Spiritual then physical? It is crucial to each individual soul, that the perfect pattern back to the perfect conscience be revealed. Of course it has to be revealed within; in your processes of thought! This in itself exposes the pattern and in doing so aligns with the commands, “My Kingdom is not of this world,” for, “My Kingdom is within you!” The physical manifestation is merely the manifestation of what has already been decided within. As per scripture, thoughts create! Diseased mind, diseased world. Pure mind, pure world. Let’s look at the Exodus verse again from the Kingdom perspective; the Spirit world.

“So I (Yahweh, the Perfect Conscience) have come down (from the exalted thought plain, the “upper room,” to the lower “self” thought plain, the ego driven realm) to deliver (free in conscience) them (chosen ones; chosen thoughts) out of the hands (mental grasp) of the Egyptians 6 (“limit, mound, siege,” the distressed material conscience), and to bring them (redeemed ones; redeemed thoughts) up (to the exalted thought plain; the garden) from that land (erets – the firmly established carnal thought plain) to a rich (consciously prosperous) and spacious (spiritually multiplying) land (erets – the firmly established pure thought plain, to a land (erets) flowing (ever nourishing) with milk 7 (“rich, fat,” spiritually abundant thoughts) and honey 8 (“gummy, sticky, sweet,” spiritually peaceful and loving thoughts); the home (unredeemed mindset) of the Canaanites 9 (“material,” material mindedness), Hittites 10 (“dismay, dred,” mental depression), Amorites 11 (“highlander, lofty,” carnal wisdom), Perizzites 12 (“countryman,” five sense consciousness), Hivetes 13 (“animation, physical existence,” wrong world, physical consciousness), and the Jebusites 14 (“trodden down,” the contemptuous thought realm).”

Is it any wonder David tells us to, “Taste 15 (“perceive,” consciously see) and see (mentally grasp) that Yahweh is good!” (Psalm 34:8) Is it not as well, very compelling, that six in Hebrew gematria is recognized as the number of man (fallen thoughts), and that in order to receive that which the Promised Land (renewed and perfected conscience) offers, man must battle the “six” constructs of thoughts (the carnal nations) within the Promised Land.

Upon our entrance into the Promised Land we must always remember that patterns have been established inside the promise land. Let’s look to Yahshua (“Yahweh saves,” Yahweh saves the fallen mind) to perceive.

“Every place you set the bottom of your feet, I will give you just as I promised to Mosheh. From the wilderness, and from Lebanon to the great river, the Euphrates River – all the Hittite country – and to the Great Sea on the west, shall be your territory. No man will be able to stand his ground in front of you… Be strong and courageous, for you will lead these people and enable these people to inherit the land that I promised by oath to their forefathers to give them.” (Yahshua 1:3-6)

And now a view from His Kingdom.
“Every place (realm of thought) you set (consider) the sole 16 (“hand, power, curve,” conscious ability) of your feet 17 (“step, reconnoiter,” conscious stability), I will give (administer dominion over) you, just as I promised to Mosheh (the conscience drawing out the Spirit Kingdom). From the wilderness 18 (“driving, pasture, field, arrange,” the realization of inner desolation), and from Lebanon 19 (“white, heart, transport,” “self” righteousness) to the Great (prominent) river (thought stream), the Euphrates 20 (“break, rush,” belief in material prosperity over spirituality) – all the Hittite (mental depression) country (thought plain opening) – and to the Great Sea (tumultuousness in thoughts) (Mediterranean – ) on the west 21 (“roar, a sea,” the ego’s cry), shall be your territory (mental boundaries to take dominion over). No man (carnal thought) will be able to stand (erect within the conscience) his ground (void thoughts) in front (the spiritual opening, the east gate within) of you (redeemed thinker)… Be strong (consciously dependent on Yahweh) and courageous (led by faith), for you will lead these (the chosen) people (thoughts) and enable (by the Spirit) these people to inherit (mental lineage) the land (erets) that I promised (unilaterally granted) by oath (mind covenant) to their forefathers 22 (“chief,” principal thoughts) to give (gracefully bestow) them (chosen and redeemed thoughts).”

It is not necessary to negate the temporary reality of a physical existence, but what is crucial is that you apply the appropriate pattern to unlocking the mysteries of scripture. This can only be done with a mindset that say’s “Everything (all reality) is first within (in the conscience, the Spirit dominion) before it is without (in the physical realm). To understand that the totality of scripture is to be understood as such, opens the depths of what Yahweh is truly saying, and forever changes your mental perceptions. Let’s look at some more examples with the “within, then without” pattern in mind, and in order to magnify the intent, let’s first look at a profound and telling example of another most illuminating Hebrew word:

It is Strong’s number 127h. The “h” is for the “Hebrew” dictionary provided in Strong’s Concordance. The word for 127 is; adamah, ad-aw-maw; “soil (from its gen. redness): – country, earth”… The root word is said to be Strong’s number 119; adam, aw-dam; “show blood, flush.”

And as for the word soil (7704h), we have the meaning, “spread, field,” thought plain. And for blood (1818h); “blood,” life force.

Has not the eye seen, and the ear heard? Another word for “earth” in the Hebrew text is Strong’s number 127, adamah, from the root 119, adam. Adam! Earth is man! Earth is the mind of man! Now for the examples:

“And Yahweh made (formed in consciousness) the beast 23 (“alive, strong, active,” unruly thought processes) of earth (#127, adamah; “soil, earth, blood,” man’s conscience) according to its land 24 (“portion, sort,” realm of thought) and everything (moving thought) that creeps 25 (“rapidly move, glide, crawl,” moving in conscience) on the earth (#776, erets; “to be firm,” a foundation in the conscience) according to its kind.” (Genesis 1:25)

The beasts are the yet redeemed (through testing) thought processes that dwell with each living soul (earth, adamah), with a conscious life force (blood, adam). As stated, there are differing kinds of animals (unruly thoughts) that must be brought into subjection to the will of Yahweh alone, that will culminate, if one is victorious, in the perfected conscience (the “land” of “milk” and “honey”). Within, and then without.

“So now, you (Cain 26 “possession,” the depraved conscience) are cursed from the earth (#127, life force in consciousness) which has opened its mouth 27 (“mouth, edge, puff,” active force) to receive your brothers blood (life force) from your hand (“ability to grasp in the conscience”).” (Genesis 4:11)

Again, the curse is the giving over of a mental position to a depraved state. Within (His Kingdom), and only then without (physical).

“How will it be known that you are pleased with me (the conscience that “draws out” spiritual manna; Mosheh) and your people (thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh; Israyl), unless you go (mentally guide) with us? And what else would separate (set apart) me and your people from all other people (foreign nations; foreign thoughts) on the face 28 (“face, appear,” conscious countenance) of the earth (#127, adam; to show blood, conscious life force).” (Exodus 33:16)

The conscience being perfected is the conscience “set apart” and granted access to the Kingdom within; the Temple of Yahweh

“You (redeemed thoughts) shall keep (consciously uphold) His Statutes 29 (“appointments, enactments,” mind ordinances), and His Laws 30 (Torah – “precept, flow,” mind guidance, mind patterns) which I (the conscience that “draws out” kingdom principles) command you this day (time of illumination within) that it may go well with you and your children (mental lineage) after you, and that you may prolong your days (illuminations) upon the earth (#127 – adamah; conscious life force) which Yahweh Your Father (dominant thoughts) is giving to you for all time (eternal).” (Deuteronomy 4:40)

The mind of Yahweh, expressed through His Ruach (Spirit), by the example of His Son (“builders” of consciousness) Yahshua (“Yahweh saves,” saves the fallen mind), was revealed through obedience to perfectly established thought patterns (The Garden), that existed long before their physical manifestations. Physical earth (carnal mindedness) will pass away, but the perfected conscience (“new earth,” “land of milk and honey”) will endure forever.

“And do not ever cut off your kindness (“Chessed”, the right arm of the Tree of Life within) from my (“Yahnathan”, Yahweh has given) fathers house (mindset) – not even when Yahweh has cut off (consciously removed) every one of David’s 31 (“boil, love, lover,” loves) enemies (ego driven thoughts, “self” will) from the face (conscious countenance) of the earth (adam – blood – life force – mind of man).” (I Samuyl 20:15)

When the Temple within is fully established (perfection attained), all foreign thinking (anti law mind patterns) will be forever removed. It is King David (love) that does this within and brings one into the fullness of the Promised Land; the perfected conscience.

“… The children (thoughts in training) of Israyl (the conscience that strives with Yahweh) gathered (congregating thoughts) themselves together with fasting 32 (“cover,” afflicting the conscience), with sackcloth 33 (“mesh, course,” conscious humbling), and with earth (#127, firm resolve) upon (within) them.” (Nehemyah 9:1)

It is paramount that one sees the expressions of “earth” as “firm resolve” within the conscience; adam. The life force (blood) is the active thought world, the kingdom that is not physical.
“Who (reprobate thoughts) perished at En-dor 34 (“fountain of a dwelling,” familiar carnal understandings), and became like refuse (reprobation) on the earth (adam).” (Psalm 83:10)

This is the first Adam within every soul, that must decrease, so that the second Adam (the Spirit man) can increase.

“Then He (Yahweh, from His Temple within) will give you rain 35 (“cause to rain upon,” Spirit outpouring) for your seed 36 (“to sow, plant,” spiritual manna placed within the “soil;” #127 – adamah – “spread, field,” thought plain) with which you will sow (mentally plant and disseminate) the ground (also #127); and bread 37 (“bread, feed, consume,” Spiritual manna) from the increase (growing wisdom and understanding) of the earth (adam) will be fat (abundant) and plenteous (always multiplying). In that day your cattle 38 (“bought, property, acquisition,” procured thoughts) will feed (mentally nourish) in large pastures 39 (“plumpness, meadow,” conscious well-being).” (Isayah 30:23)

“Behold, the eyes 40 (“eye, fountain,” Spirit perception) of the Father are upon the sinful (ego driven) kingdom (thought world), and I will destroy it (the ego) from the face (conscious countenance) of the earth (adam); except that I will not utterly destroy the house (mindset) of Yaaqob (the conscience being redeemed, supplanted), say’s Yahweh.” (Amosyah 9:8)

A few more with a different perspective, but the same end goal:

“Then he (priest; repetition of Law within) shall take some of the holy (pure) water (spirit energy) in an earthen 41 (“pottery,” moldable dust; moldable adam; moldable minds) jars (ability to contain) and put some dust 42 (“powdered, clay, earth,” renewed understanding) from the Tabernacle 43 (“residence,” temple within) floor (place of rending) into the water.” (Numbers 5:17)

The renewing of the conscience is a spiritual matter of a Spiritual Kingdom; a Kingdom that is not physical.

“…He who is from the earth (the 1st Adam) is earthly (ego driven), and speaks of the earth (materiality); he who has been called out (consciously separated) by Yahweh will come to be over (mental dominion; the unoffendable mind) all.” (Yachanan 3:31)

“For we know earthly (ego driven) house (mindset), tent (mental covering), is destroyed, we have a building (Temple) from Yahweh, a house (mindset) not made with hands (carnal grasping), eternal in Yahweh.”
(II Corinthians 5:1)

“This wisdom (worldly intellect) is not from above (the exalted Temple within), but is earthly (of the first Adam; ego driven), sensual (lust filled) and demonic (from enmity within)… but the wisdom (“Chochmah” of the Tree of Life within) that is from above (the perfect conscience) is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and righteous fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” (Yaaqob 3:15-17)

And now we remind ourselves of the intent: “If His Kingdom is not of this physical world, then what is the ‘promised land,’ and what is in fact the ‘nation of Israyl; the people of Israyl?’”

We have solidified the idea the earth is the embodiment of the mind of man; the original adam. The soil is the ability to receive and disseminate information. Yahweh’s Temple is the Spirit consciousness within each soul; His Spirit Kingdom not of the physical world. So what then does the land represent? We have already delved into it, but let’s look a little deeper:

“And Yahweh said, ‘Let the waters (diluted thoughts) under (lower than) the sky (exalted thoughts) be gathered (congregate) into one place (mind space) and let the dry 44 (“dry, confused, ashamed,” mental void) land (here again #776, erets – “to be firm”) appear.’” (Genesis 1:9)

When Yahweh created His Kingdom, it was the creation of all available levels of consciousness that was being created; “My Kingdom is not of this (physical) world.” All of the “lands” are expressions of strongly held on to (“to be firm”) constructs (nations) of thought. Let’s explore some:

The land (firmly held thoughts in the conscience) of Ethiopia 45 (“burned faces,” darkened double mindedness);
The land (firmly held thoughts in the conscience) of Shinar 46 (“two rivers, divided stream,” errors in thought);
The land (firmly held thoughts in the conscience) of Egypt 47 (“limit, shut-in, tribulation,” the material conscience);
The land of Canaan 48 (“humiliated, vanguish,” the dying conscience).

Is Canaan not the “land” that would now be called “Israyl,” for the children called “Israyl?”

The land (firmly held thoughts in the conscience) of Israyl 49 (“striving for Yahweh, His strength prevails,” saved thoughts).

And it would be that whenever one who has been redeemed in the conscience hears the words, “When you come into the land…,” that Yahweh’s intent was to express thought processes, and not physical entitlements. Israyl; the land of milk and honey is none other than the opportunity to perfect one’s conscience. “Be perfect (holy in all thoughts) as I (Yahshua) and my Father (Yahweh) are perfect!” This command, as with all others, was a command of mental status. And Yahshua was told the people (thoughts) Israyl (striving for perfection) would have to remove all foreign nations (constructs of thought) when they inherited the land (firmly established righteousness). This is none other than the war between flesh (Adam #1, the ego driven conscience), and the Spirit (Adam #2; the Spirit conscience). Keeping the commands in the land is keeping the Laws of Yahweh with your mind that has been renewed by His Spirit for His Kingdom; the Spirit Kingdom that is not of this physical world.

So now we have the blueprint, the roadmap to discerning all things scriptural. Every Statute, Law, Command, Decree, Precept and more, dealing with the Kingdom within, the Kingdom (Kings dome) of Yahweh. With this blueprint, let’s discern what Yahweh intends with the often ignored, and widely misunderstood scriptures of Exodus 23: 10-11, Leviticus 25: 1-7, Leviticus 25: 19-22, Deuteronomy 15: 1-6 and Deuteronomy 31: 10-11.

“Six (the overcoming of the carnal man within) years 50 (“revolutions, duplications,” practicing righteousness) you shall sow (disseminate commanded mind patterns; Law, within the conscience) your land (firmly established thought plain), and gather (mentally collect) its produce 51 (“income, coming, going,” mental fruit). But the seventh (completion of a cycle) year you shall let it (the thought plain) rest 52 (“fling, jostle, let alone,” trust!) and lie follow 53 (“plowed, gleam,” open to Yahweh’s directing alone), so that the poor (timid) among your people (thoughts) may get food (Spirit nourishment) from it (the thought plain in rest), and the wild (yet redeemed) animals 54 (“alive, raw, fresh,” undiscerned thoughts) may eat (consciously consume) what is left. Do the same (let rest) your vineyard 55 (“garden,” protected and guarded thoughts) and your olive 56 (“illuminating prominent,” exalted) yard (private thoughts).” (Exodus 23: 10-11)

“And Yahweh spoke (the still, small voice within) to Mosheh (the conscience that “draws out” the spiritual) on Mount (higher plain) Sinai 58 (“cliff, precipitous, sharp,” sifting in the conscience), saying, ‘when you come into the land which I give you, then the land (#776 erets, firmly established offering of a renewed conscience) shall keep a Sabbath 59 (“intermission, rest,” cessation of effort in thoughts) unto Yahweh. Six years you shall sow your field 60 (“spread,” mind expanse), and six years you shall prune 61 (“trim,” refine) your vineyard (wisdom & understanding) and gather its fruit (spiritual abundance); but in the seventh (time of completion) year there shall be a Sabbath of solemn 62 (“fixed,” mentally appointed) rest for the land (established thought plain), a Sabbath to Yahweh. You shall neither sow your field nor prune your vineyard. What grows (conscience enhancement) voluntarily 63 (“spontaneous, voluntarily,” impetuous thoughts) of your harvest 64 (“severed, curtail,” unformed ideas) you shall not reap 65 (“dock, harvest,” mentally glean), nor gather (assimilate) the grapes 66 (“bear,” perceptions) of your untended 67 (“separate, abstain,” not spiritually discerned) vine (wisdom’s understanding). The land (firmly established consciousness) is to have a year (mental cycle) of rest 68 (shabbath – “rest, repose,” mental holy year). Whatever the land yields during the Sabbath (mental repose) year will be food (spiritual nourishment) for you – for yourself, your manservant 69 (“servant, work, till,” toiling thoughts) and maidservant 70 (“slave, hand,” emotions), for the hired 71 (“wages, purchase,” maintaining) servant 72 (mental upkeep) and for the stranger (foreign thoughts) who lives (mentally resides) among (within) you, for your livestock 73 (“mute, dumb,” ignorance) and the animals (unredeemed thoughts) in your land (firmly established conscience) – all its produce (conscious production) shall be for food (mental consumption).’” (Leviticus 25: 1-7)

“And if you say; ‘What shall we eat (consciously consume) in the seventh (the time of “fullness”) year if we do not plant or harvest our crops (mental production)?’ I will send you such a blessing (mental prosperity) in the sixth (the “man” conscience) year that the land (mental firmness) will yield (bring forth) enough (plentiful produce) for three (conviction leading to mental resurrection; the 7th, 8th and 9th years of the seven year cycle, or, the 7th, 1st, and 2nd which is the same) year. While you plant (mentally sow) during the eighth (“plumpness, “super abundance in the conscience; the eighth year is the 1st year of a new cycle) year, you will eat from the old (the produce of the 6th year) crop and will continue to eat (consciously consume ) from it until the harvest (conscious outpouring) of the ninth (“turn, upright,” renewal; the ninth year is the 2nd year of a new cycle) year comes in (into mental view).” (Leviticus 25: 19-22)

“At the end of seven years you shall grant a release 74 (Shemittah, shem-it-taw – “remission, desist,” forgiveness and renewal in the conscience). This is the form (mental arrangement) of the release: Every creditor 75 (“master, debt, grasp,” thoughts of being owed to) who has lent (mentally bestowed) to his brother (mental co-faculty, mental tribe, mental branch) shall cancel (mentally relinquish) the debt (conscious obligation) he has made by loan (mentally petition). He shall not press (mentally pressure) his brother (unifying gift in consciousness specific to a certain realm of thought) for payment (owing); it is Yahweh’s release (shemittah – forgiveness and renewal in the conscience). From a foreigner 76 (“strange, adulterous.” unclean thought) you may press for payment (owing), but you shall release (forgive unto renewal) what is owed from your brother (differing thought realm). But there should be no poor (depression) or needy (wanting) among (within) you, for Yahweh will greatly bless you in the land (consciousness of substance and sweetness) Yahweh your Father (conscious master) is giving you to possess (mentally strive for and attain) as an inheritance (complete occupancy in the conscience). Only if you fully obey (Keep patterned mind laws) Yahweh your Father, and are careful to observe (attentive in conscience) and do (mentally keep) all these Laws (mental percepts) which I (thoughts that “draw out” spiritual perfection) which I command you this day; for Yahweh your Father will bless you, just as He promised (by unilateral Covenant; a mind contract with Yahweh alone as the guarantor) you (the renewed conscience). You (conscience sanctified) will lend (offer wisdom & understanding) to many nations (constructs of thought), but you shall not borrow (gain wisdom and understanding) from them. You shall rule (consciously delegate) over many nations, but they shall not rule (mental influence) over you.” (Deuteronomy 15: 1-6)

“Then Mosheh (that which “draws out” spiritual matters within) commanded them (the congregation of thoughts), saying, ‘At the end (accomplishment) of every seven years, in the set (appointment in consciousness) time of the year of release (Shemittah), at the Feast (appointed season for specific thinking) of Tabernacles 77 (“hut, entwined, booth,” conscious connection in Yahweh’s Temple within); When all Israyl (both thoughts (people) and firmly established ideas (land), ruled by and for Yahweh) comes to appear (at the forefront (east gate) of the conscience) in front (each thought fully exposed) of Yahweh your Father in the place (mind space; land) He shall choose, you must read 78 (“accosting, encounter,” consciously face up to) this Law (all mind patterns) before all Israyl (thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh; dominant ideas firmly established), in their hearing 79 (“broadness, expand,” mental understanding).’” (Deuteronomy 31:10-11)

Within, and then without. The keeping of the Shemittah and the two years that follow it within each seven year cycle is an issue of the conscience. If the thought processes, those lead by strict obedience to the mind Laws (Torah) decreed by Yahweh, are first manifest, then the “what to do,” in the physical realm will be a natural, yet supernaturally so, by product of an obedient mind. You will know exactly what to do, day by day, for you have fallen into the Oneness decreed by Yahshua, who proclaimed, “ I have not spoken on my own; but he Father who sent me gave me the Laws – What I should say and what I should speak.” (Yahchanan 12:49)

This is the culmination of “thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh,” (The people called Israyl) in the “firmly established processes of thought.” (the land called Israyl). There are thousands of verses that will help you keep the “within and the without” pattern, for your tendency will be to think in the physical first, as the ego has long trained you to do. Also, in reference to the specific scriptures we highlighted for the Shemittah, you will be pulled in the direction that speaks in such a way: “It’s for the time when we are in the physical land Israyl, not just any land.” It would be nice to be able to hand pick certain commands and discard them as such, and with that, we end with just two of the thousands of scriptures that are intended to keep you on the narrow road; and this, within.

“When all these things come upon you; the blessings and the curses I have set in front of you – wherever Yahweh your Father may disperse you among the nations – then recall these things in your memory; and when you and your children return to Yahweh your Father, and obey him with all your heart (center of intellect) and all your soul, just as I have commanded you to do this day. Then Yahweh will bring you back from captivity and have compassion on you, and gather you again from all the nations where He scattered you. If you are driven out even to the furthest land on earth, from there, Yahweh your Father will gather you, and from there He will bring you … Yahweh your Father will circumcise your hearts (minds), and the hearts (minds) of your descendants, so that you may love Him with all your heart and all your soul, and live (the saved conscience).” (Deuteronomy 30:1-6)

“For this Covenant is the Covenant that I will renew with the House of Israyl: ‘After those days’, says Yahweh, ‘I will put my Law in their inward parts, and write in on their hearts (minds), and I will be their Father, and they will be my people (thoughts ruled by Yahweh; Israyl).’” (Hebrews 8:10)

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