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“Then the priests will determine its value (mental order) up the year of yobel (the next time of release), and the man must pay (consciously give) the valuation on that day, as a holy offering (mind sacrifice) to Yahweh.” (vs.23) As we grow in right thinking (righteousness) according to the will of Yahweh within, we learn to judge (priest) between the will of Yahweh and the depreciating self will. Payments are equivalent to internal homage for the work being done by Yahweh in specific realms of thought. “In the year of yobel the field (spread about thoughts) will return to the person (realm of thought) from whom it was bought, to the one who inherits the land as a possession (mental gifting).” (vs.24) Every 50 years, according to prescribed giftings determined by Yahweh, the lineage of that gifting is to receive back that which has been established by the will of Yahweh. This perpetuation of mental lineage is further established at Numbers 36:4 — “Then when the yobel (specific time for the “blast, signal” of Yahweh within a chosen soul) of the children (builders) of Israyl (thoughts “ruled” by and for Yahweh) comes, their inheritance (mental allotment) will be added (additional wisdom and understanding of the will of Yahweh) to the inheritance of the tribe (mental “branch faculty”) into which they marry (consciously loin), and their property (mental assets) will be taken from the tribal inheritance of our forefathers (preceding thoughts).” The leaving behind and acquisition of ever changing thought patterns is part of a designed pattern of Yahweh’s will. A “path” for mental perfection and a narrow one at that. The cycles all culminating in a mind that has finally become One with Yahweh, (2045 current era), a Jubilee indeed.

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