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And the severity rests also in the fact that because they do not believe Yahshua has come and has been ressurected, they have no propitiation for their sins. And here we make a crucial distinction, that the Feasts and the sacrifices allotted to each Feast were never intended to fully remove sin, a point that will be further expounded upon with the final camp we discuss. So as for the Judaic camp the idea that all of the sacrifices mandated in each Feast still applies, a grand predicament they face. What predicament? “We have no Temple to make sacrifices,” is the universal answer. The literal “scapegoat” to not fulfilling the commanded Feasts is that the physical Temple, having been destroyed since 70 A.D., leaves them without sacrifices. And yet they believe this is their excuse and that Yahweh is somehow okay with it, and that somehow they have atonement for transgressions. And the final camp can be titled as the “Messianics.” As with each of the other two groups there are variations in their belief systems, but overall the title applies for the issue at hand; the Feasts. The Messianic 8 also run into many issues regarding the Feasts, one of which is the idea that somehow more than both the “Christians” and “Judah” they have “better” truths. Not so far left (Christianity) or right (Judah), but a more balanced approach. They claim to believe in the Law and the keeping of the Feasts, but at the same time are much more casual in the application of the Feasts. Not falling into the idea that “Christ fulfilled all the law,” but also not given over to strict adherence to the requirements of the Priesthood and its specific applications. Floating in the middle but having the same core problem with its excuse, “There is no Temple.”

Perhaps wanting to believe Yahshua does fulfill the specific sacrifices (for he was called, “The Last Sacrifice”), and yet believing it’s okay to “keep” only portions of the requirements. As if Torah says, “Do everything but the sacrifices once Yahshua comes.” None of the three camps fully convinced of why they do or do not keep the Feasts. “Is it practice, and for what?” Or, “If Yahshua and Shaul kept them was it only until Yahshua resurrected.” And, “Is it legitimate to do everything but the actual sacrifices?”

There are many more points that could be expanded upon and examined in reference to the mindset of the above three camps, but the point is well enough established which leads us to the great travesty all three groups face and this because they are all still stuck in the parables regarding the Feasts.

That’s correct, all three camps have completely missed the mystery of the entire purpose of the Feast cycle, the hidden intent of what is really meant. That is the entire purpose of this body of work — to unveil the mysteries of the Kingdom of Yahweh. In order to dO so we must first define some Hebrew words and reveal their intent.

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