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True Names In The Scriptures

And finally, let’s take a look at the titles of the sixty-six books contained in the scriptures and apply the correct letters, creating the precise words given to us, minus all of the Greek influence:

Sepher Berashith – “book of creations” Commonly known as “Genesis”;
Sepher Yezi At Mizrayim – “book of departure from Egypt” Commonly known as “Exodus”;
Waylikra – “And He called” Commonly known as “Leviticus”;
Alah – Hadebarim – “And these are the Laws” Commonly known as “Deuteronomy”;
Yahshua – “Yahweh saves” Commonly known as “Joshua”;
Shophetim – “The Judges” Commonly known as “Judges”;
Riyyah – “friend of Yahweh” Commonly known as “Ruth”;
Shemuel (with the “ale” sound) – Shemuyl – “heard of strength, might” Commonly, “Samuel”;
Sepher Melakim – “book of reign, ascend” Commonly, “Kings”;
Dibre Hayyamim – “record of the times” Commonly, “Chronicles”;
Ezrah – “helped” Commonly, “Ezra”;
Nehemyah – “Yahweh consoles” Commonly, “Nehamiah”;
Myrtle – Megillah Ester – “leaping up, springing up” Commonly, “Hadassah”;
Iyyob – “hated, persecuted” Commonly, “Job”;
Zawmar – “trim, strike” Commonly, “Psalms”;
Mashal – “liken, superiority” Commonly, “Proverbs”;
Qoheleth – “experience, calling the congregation” Commonly, “Ecclesiastes”;
Shir Ha-shirim “singing, strolling” Commonly, “Song of Songs”;
Yeshayah – “salutation of YHWH” Commonly, “Isaiah”;
Yeremyah – “may Yahweh lift” Commonly, “Jeremiah”;
Qinot – “dirge, beating the breast, O’how” Commonly, “Lamentatious”;
Yechezkyl – “fastened and strengthened” Commonly, “Ezekiel”;
Daniyl – “Mighty Judge” Commonly, “Daniel”;
Hosheyah – “Yahweh saves” Commonly, “Hosea”;
Yoel (with the “ale” sound) – “Yahweh is strength” Commonly, “Joel”;
Amos – “burdened”;
Obadyah – “serving Yahweh” Commonly, “Obadiah”;
Yonah – “dove, warmth” Commonly, “Jonah”;
Micayah – “who is like Yahweh” Commonly, “Micah, Michael, Michaiah”;
Nachum – “comfort, consolation” Commonly, “Nahum”;
Chabakkuk – “embrace, clasp” Commonly, “Habakkuk”;
Zephanyah – “protected of Yahweh” Commonly, Zephaniah”;
Chaggai – “festive” Commonly, “Haggai”;
Zechcryah – “Remembrance of Yahweh” Commonly, “Zechariah”;
Malaky – “ministrative, message” Commonly, “Malachai”;
Mattanyah – “gift of Yahweh” Commonly, “Matthew”;
Marcus – “brilliant” Commonly, “Mark”;
Lucas – “physician, luminous” Commonly, “Luke”;
Yachanan – “Yahweh is merciful” Commonly, “John”;
Acts – “operative, to do”;
Romas – “exalted”;
Corinthians – “ornament, beauty”;
Galatians – “White as milk”;
Ephesians – “desirable”;
Phillipians – “lover of horses”;
Colossians – “punishment”;
Thessalonians – “hot springs, tossed”;
Timothy – “worshipper of strength”;
Titus – “titled, honorable”;
Philemon – “loving, affectionate”;
Hebrews – “passed over”;
Yaaqob – “power” Commonly, “James”;
Kepha – “hard, compact” Commonly, “Peter”;
Yachanan – “Yahweh is merciful” Commonly, “1,2,3 John”;
Yahdah – “praise Yahweh” Commonly, “Jude”;
Revelation – “denude, stripped, reverted”

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