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Our terms are established. The Torah is the truth that the entirety of the Scriptures relies upon and Yahshua and Shaul both kept and commanded us to keep he Feasts of Yahweh;

Feasts commanded through Mosheh. Perhaps maybe there is one other minor matter to discuss and we do so by defining a term not often utilized by students of Scripture:
Metaphysicalphysics – the systematic study of the science of Being: that which transcends the physical — A clear understanding of the realm of ideas and their legitimate expressions.

Why? Because this is the exact “mystery” often discussed throughout the Scriptures, the idea that the truth is hidden from plain sight ON PURPOSE! Let’s let Yahshua again explain: “So he [Yahshua] said, ‘Unto you [the 12 mental disciplines] it is given to know the great secrets [the mental mysteries] of the Kingdom of Yahweh, but to others [the non- chosen minds] I speak in parables (“superiority, maxim”; hidden wisdom; #4912) that seeing they might NOT see, and hearing they might NOT understand.” (Luke 8:10)(all emphasis mine)

The Hebrew language is the language of creation!
Stated another way, the Hebrew language was created before all other creation for when it was spoken by Yahweh only then did physical manifestations begin. A created language that when spoken, created! Within the language and its terms we find what I have aptly named “Hebraic intent.” The Hebraic intent, is found not only be defining terms using the Hebrew language alone, but also by discovering how each word is utilized in each specific verse, the context of what is being decreed. In the understanding of this simple formula is where the revelation of the purposely hidden mysteries become unveiled.

Torah based facts about the Feasts of Yahweh from the metaphysical level of understanding, all expressing specific Hebraic intent. The standard now established, let’s come to understand several of the pitfalls you yourself have fallen into along with the many others who have succumbed to the mental veiling; those lost in the parables. There are three main camps (mental resting places) if you will in regards to the Feasts of Yahweh. The first would be what I will label “Mainstream Christianity.” This camp most certainly negates the Feasts as “Old Covenant stuff,” under the ultimate blasphemy that, “The Law has been done away with!” It is not the intent of this work to disprove such heresy as one would have to literally assert much of the Renewed Covenant text in order to easily prove that the Laws of Yahweh are fully enacted today, and that the idea that His Laws have been abolished is the epitome of mental transgression; sin! If you belong to this “Jesus did away with all that it’s all about grace now,” camp, then I pray you have the courage to finish this body of work and that all things would be made new for you. The second camp would be that of those who hearken to what could be labeled “Judaic teachings.” This group is made up of more than just what is collectively known as the “Jews”, and many problems arise with their perspectives and how to incorporate the Feasts within them. Of course for this group nothing could be more devastating than the idea that Yahshua has come, for this is the entire premise of their misguided Feast cycle, that he has yet to come. Therefore his life lived and the enormity of it passes this group right by.

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