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What Say You, Greeks?
Thousands of years after the Hebrew language the Greeks would accept translations handed down to them from cultures that did not adhere to the Hebrew ways or the Hebrew language. In reference to the Hebrew word elohiym, the Greeks would word theos, theh-os; of uncertain aff. “a deity.” This word, a singular word, would now be the Greek translation of elohiym indicating to its readers that “strength, might, magistrate” in its plurality, is the same as “a deity” in its singularity.
The word deity was first introduced around 1250-1300 A.D. from the Middle English “deite” and the late Latin “deitat” (stem of deitas) which is equivalent to the Latin “dei” (combining form of “does god”), formed after the Latin “divinitas, divinity”. This word which does not exist in the Hebrew language would now replace the Hebrew language.
The Greek word for house is oikos, oy-kos; of uncertain aff. “a dwelling.” The Greeks believe that the proper translation of the Hebrew word bayith (house) is the Greek word oikos (dwelling). Oikos theos means, “dwelling of a deity.”
Let’s now look at what the Mighty Father has decreed for Beth (house) El (strength, might):

Genesis 12:8 – “And he (Abraham) moved from there (Shechem) to the mountain east of Beth El, and he pitched his tent there with Beth-El on the west and Ai on the east.”

Abraham did not pitch his tent in Beth-El or Ai.

Yahshua 7:2 – “Yahshua (commonly known as Joshua) sent some men from Jericho to Ai, which is beside Beth (house) Aven (iniquity) east of Beth-El and commanded, ‘Go up and spy out the country!’ So the men went up and spied.”

The chosen children are sent to scope out a foreign place.

Yahshua 8:17 – “There was not a man remaining in Ai or Beth El who did not go out after Israyl.”

Foreigners attack the children of the Most High.

Yahshua 12:1 – “These are the kings of the land whom the children of Israyl defeated… v.16… the king of Beth El.”

Israyl defeats the house of strength and might (Beth El).

Yahshua 16:1 – “The allotment fell to the children of Joseph, from the Jordan by Jericho, east of the waters of Jericho, to the wilderness up from there, into the mountains of Beth El.”

Joseph’s children inherit the land once dominated by the wicked house of strength, might (Beth El), whom they destroyed.

Judges 1:22 – “Also, the house of Joseph went up against Beth El…”

The chosen against Beth El.

Judges 1:23 – “Beth El (formerly called Luz).”

Luz means “deception” in the Hebrew language.

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