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The Incestual Seed Within

The Law of Yahweh is none other than prescribed, through commanded, patterns of thought. Mind patterns that serve one purpose — to bring chosen souls back to the place of the perfect conscience (the Garden within). The place that would be ever defined as clean, pure, upright, perfect, holy. The Kingdom of Yahweh is a Kingdom of Spirit; a Kingdom not of the physical world; other-worldly. It would be Sovereignly instituted that Ham, the son of Noah, would be Yahweh’s expression of the wicked seed within each soul. In order to see the manifestation of such wickedness within, we would need to first express how one or more mind patterns (Laws) had been violated. As with the totality of the work of the Metaphysically Expanded Torah (M.E.T.), we will first take a surface view of the scriptures, and then explore its deeper realities pertaining to the Kingdom of Yahweh; the Kingdom of the Spiritual conscience.

“The nakedness of your father, which is the nakedness of your mother, you shall not uncover; she is your mother. Do not have sexual relations with her. Do not have sexual relation with your father’s wife, it is your father’s nakedness.” (Leviticus 18:7-8).

The implications of what seems to be a physical act are dire. Let’s now define the Hebraic terms and take a look from the Kingdom perspective. Each number below represents the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance number at the end of this body of work.

“The nakedness 1 (“empty, bare;” conscious destitution), of your father (chief thoughts) which is the nakedness (destitution) of your mother (emotional thoughts), you shall not uncover 2 (“strip, reveal;” bring forth into conscious thought); she is your mother (mental bonding). Do not have sexual relations (sexual relations = lie carnally); lie 3 (“give, decrease;” mental decline) carnally 4 (“decrease, seed;” from the ego); to have “sexual relations” is to be given over to the ego, which brings mental bondage) with her. Do not have sexual relations (carnal decrease) with your father’s (chief thinking) wife (submissive thinking).” (Leviticus 18:7-8)

And so we see, the otherworldly view is one of consciousness. To uncover (manifest inner carnality) through ego driven desire towards emotion (mother), is to lie carnally with your father’s wife. The uncovering of your father’s nakedness is to manifest this incestual relationship in the thought world, leading to a conscience which is now cursed.

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