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If you have partaken of any of the multiple subjects this writer has heralded then you are familiar with the vast import ance I place upon the Hebrew language and the intent of every letter and word of the language. That Yahweh decreed that His Kingdom is the Kingdom “within” and that in order to fully understand the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) as well as the minor prophets, Psalms and Proverbs, that one would need to intimately understand the language of creation. Yes indeed, before anything was created a language first existed and upon being spoken manifestations became: “And Yahweh said.

The twenty-two letter Hebrew Alphabet known as the Aleph- beis”would by Sovereign decree contain the power to create.

Letters forming words that would then appear, first in consciousness and then physically. Let’s repeat that for you again. The appearance was and always will be a matter of Spirit long before any physical happening. (If this thought intrigues you then perhaps “The Devil Inside” will be your next subject to read). See the Hebrew Alphabet on Chart 1.

A few illustrations as to the utter significance of the necessity for strict adherence to the organic language that created all that is, .he Hebrew language:
A) It is not part of this body of work to fully dissect the name of the Mighty Creator Himself. That exhaustive work has been done in a piece called “Bye God!” and that work is available to you, to know the personal Name of the Father (Dominant thoughts) of Israyl (“thoughts ruled by and for Yahweh”) is formed by four consonants of the above alphabet is imperative! The “Tetragrammaton” as it is commonly known is the twelve possible permutations of the letters Y (Yohd) H (He) W (Waw) H (He). Each permutation deals with one of twelve specific faculties (“tribes, branches”) that when perfected leads to Oneness with the mind of Yahweh. Breaking down the four consonants that form the Name Yahweh we find that the Hebraic intent of why Yahweh chose to reveal Himself with such a name is very specific: Y (“Power”) H (“Behold”) W (“Pierce”) H (“Behold”). Dealing first with His Kingdom within we come to understand that His Name literally tells all that is necessary. In consciousness He is the Only One who can convict and judge! Take away the “Yohd” and there is no power! Take away the “He” and there is nothing to behold! Take away the “Waw” and there is no conviction, no righteous judgment! There is no other language that exists today nor has there ever been a language that carries the full authority that every single letter of the AlephBeis contains. It is only appropriate that I cause you to consider that every other language that has ever existed has hidden the Hebraic intent purposely.

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