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As it was with Part 1, so shall it be here. Expansion, new expression, the leaving behind of those things once relied upon; former “truths”. It behooves us to declare the premise of Part 2 up front, for we must take a journey that might seem off subject at first, only to be revealed as the very essence
of what will prove up the final verdict within your conscience. As alluded to in Part 1, we will disprove the commonly held idea of angels; angelic beings. Whether you envision fairy like entities or illusions in the form of humans, or some other spectacle of the physical dimension, the Hebrew scriptures leave no such room for any interpretation and bad translation. It is this fact we will prove up and we start in the garden:

“And the Spirit of Yahweh was hovering…” (Genesis 1:2) Represented by His R ^ uach (roo e -akh), Yahweh would release His, “wind, breath”, onto earth (the mind of man). This word, Strong’s #7307, would be Yahweh’s internal representation of the whisper of His voice, His Spirit. Think, “The other whisper within” and you would be correct. But it did not start this way! The pattern given for man’s (carnal thoughts) ability to interact with the Spirit of Yahweh must be understood in order to decipher all truth and in this case, the truth about the deception commonly known as angels.

In the garden it would be the Master/servant pattern that would begin all things. Man would be given truths (trees) to eat (mentally digest) from and one very powerful truth (tree) not to eat from. (Genesis 2:16-17) We come to understand that ,A , the Hebrew word akal (aw-kal), “eat”, Strong’s #398 ) speaks to a spiritual Kingdom and therefore “mental consumption” is the correct intent. And we realize that before this mandate at Genesis 2 is established, the beginning was a realization that
before Yahweh created the literal container (man) for consciousness, all realms of available thought boundaries were first established.

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