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THE LAST SACRIFICE (Part 2 of As Soon As Everyone Is Seated)

A great understanding has begun; new dimensions of thought released into a world of preconceived thoughts, notions and ideas; those things that can only remain if you yourself are resistant to the commanded death (loss of your own will) required. The idea that the “end of the age (Gen 6:3; 120 years = 5880 years)” for mankind only allows for three distinct categories of believers; the martyred, captive and 144,000, is undeniable. No matter how one may try, there will be no “well maybe we can get by another way” moments available. Part and parcel of coming into “Oneness” with the mind of Yahweh is the return to mental simplicity – that which has no personal interference attempting to block predestined, perfect truths. The book of Revelation will not change! What it says is what will be. The grand themes presented in Part 1 will surely stand if one takes the time to seek and know, but it is good for this metaphysical -physician to offer some more intimate proof text in order to solidify the idea that the Kingdom being “fully preached” cannot be separated from the commanded death that is required to receive the full preaching. “He who loses his life will find it” and “take up your stake and deny ydUrself” speak to a premier pattern that all must consciously face. The idea that the 144,000 alone face that death (in consciousness) while all others are forced to choose it (through physical death) is merely Yahweh’s promise kept to His Son. Yes, a specific time on earth for the full manifestation of Yahweh’s mind; those who “follow the Lamb wherever He goes”, as well as a time for physical death, those who are “Beheaded for the testimony in which they hold to”. For both groups it is the “second coming” that mandated death .and resurrection, though in vastly different form and function.

In order to stabilize the foundation of these grand themes we will explore an idea. An idea that emanates from the mind of Yahweh that must certainly stand under the scrutiny of His own written words to mankind, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. Often I have said that it is “Your work to
do”, the deeper exploration and literal unearthing of spiritual truths from a Spiritual Kingdom, and though we endeavor to be more specific herein the mandate remains. I myself am looking (mentally perceiving) to be a perfected disciple (mental discipline) of Yahshua (the “Yahweh saves” mentality), I am not looking for disciples unto myself.

“Follow me as I follow Yahshua” is specific and clear. There is nothing worse then running into a self expressed “believer” who professes seemingly deep and thought provoking concepts, only to soon learn that the well was not so deep and Oh so dry. Never rely on any human for all truth when in fact it has been declared, “You need that no man teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you are to abide in Him.” (I John 2:27)

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