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What The “El” Is Going On?

In both form and function, they are beyond all doubt the most misaligned and misunderstood words in the history of mankind. Their misinterpretation, leading to massive misuse, has been the root cause of the most deplorable and catastrophic event the earth has ever known. A curse that has festered, longing to be healed. It is through the grace and power of The Most High that this time, in this era, truth be revealed, forever ending the deception and as paramount, the excuses leading to the deception. The Kingdom of Eternal Light will pierce the darkness, fulfilling the mandate, “On earth as it is in Heaven.” These ever deceptive words that have kept the elect at bay; those who claim to be children of the Most High. Words that have diminished the intended power and authority granted to the chosen into nothingness. Blind men leading blind men. The words —- God and Lord!

A Little Hebrew History:
The word is elohiym, el-o-heem; “strength, might, magistrates,” its definition. It is the plural of elowahh,
el-o-ah; “strength.” The root word being, el, ale; “strength, mighty.” The root of el is ayil ah-yil ; “strength, strong.”
The el has four forms:
1. el, ale; “strength, mighty;” from ayil above and uwl, ool; “twist, be strong”;
2. el, ale; a demonstr. particle (in plural sense): “these, those”
3. el, ale; corresponding to the plural sense above: “these”;
4. el, ale; but only used in short constr. form; el, el; “towards, near, among.”

It is important to note that only the fourth form carries the actual “el” sound whereas the others have the “ale” sound. So we have the word elohiym, a plural word meaning; “strength, might, magistrates.” Now let’s look at another Hebrew word. The word is bayith, bay-yith; “a house.” Its likely root word is banah, baw-nah; “to build.” A commonly used Hebrew word for house is beyth, bayth; and it is often spelled “beth.” Beth-El means, “house of strength, might.”

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