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Authors Note

Michael David Beiter Jr. is the author of these devotionals. It was done with the help of Jeff Hazim as the co-author.
You can read Micheal’s story here:
Authors Note

It’s really a disclaimer loved ones. As you delve into the works offered freely at the suffer well site you will come to understand that each individual work and the works collectively speak to one very specific scripture given to us at Mattithyah 5:48- «Therefore, become perfect, just as your Father who is in heaven is perfect.» Not a request but a command! The Hebrew word Yahshua was speaking to is the word tamiym (taw-meem). It’s definition is, «entire, integrity, complete». Be «One» with the mind of Yahweh is the intent.Why the disclaimer? My name is Michael David Beiter Jr. and I have been held as a prisoner of the UNITED STATED BUREAU OF PRISONS for almost eight years now for crimes which I did not commit (see, Onebigcoverup.com if you would like to know my story). Do not mistake my words for anything but an introduction to my journey and the works that Yahweh established through that journey. There is a big difference between, «Crimes against man’s law» and «Crimes against Yahweh’s Law.» I certainly did fail Yahweh.

So I speak of perfection and the command to be so under the terms of a disclaimer. In prison there is no Microsoft Word. There is no ability to «copy and paste». There is no white-out to correct mistakes. The typing alone is very very expensive and the equipment (one typewriter for every 500 men) is years old. The material you will read is in it’s very raw an unedited format. From the Spirit’s breath within, on to paper, unedited. Will there be areas of imperfection in the work? If so I alone am responsible. Does any one work contradict another or is there a specific order in which they should be read? Yes and no! What I wrote several years ago has advanced into deeper understandings so perhaps «contradiction» is not appropriate, but I speak as one perceiving your grasp of the work and not my own. As for the order in which they should be read, I will trust His Spirit to guide each soul according to His will and purposes.

I am humbled to have even been offered a helping hand to establish this site. The devotions themselves have been edited and are even being offered in the Norwegian language as well. That alone is fascinating to me and I am grateful to Kurt Slettmyr who made it happen. I was asked, «Are you going to copyright all the work?», and to that I say, Yahweh knows I wrote it and I will leave the protection of the work in His Hands. He holds the copyrights in His possession and He alone is the Judge of justice and righteousness. It is also my duty to inform you that as for the daily devotions, the Suffer Well devotions, Jeffrey Wayne Hazim is the co-author and it could not have been done with the amazing collaboration Yahweh brought between us. He is my best friend and a warrior for the Kingdom of Yahweh. I mentioned Kurt as the translator for the Norwegian language, his native tongue, and he established this site as well. Thank you Kurt, it will be awesome to meet you a face to face one day soon. To my family, my dad and mom and sister Jamie and Kellie (and her husband Chris), I love you all. You stayed when everyone else left. To my children, Michaiah, Joshua, Saige and Eliana, and my nephew Tiago, your the apple of my eye. Love never fails!

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