Devotion Number : 112

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Temporary Home

(#112 from Suffer Well Devotional Series©)

“Hear my prayer, O Yahweh, and listen to my cry; do not be silent at my weeping; for I am a stranger with You, a sojourner, as all my fathers were.” (Psalm 39:12)

Run. Run. Run.
Find home.
Mansions waiting,
Family waiting,
Rest ahead,
Eternal rest.

I was not meant to stay here.
A sojourner, peculiar, different;
I don’t belong here.
Passing through,
Heading towards the eternal,
Shadows in the temporal.
Peace always within,
Never found outside.
Looking outside is foreign.
Always heading to one destination,
A traveler,
Many stops on the way.

A tour guide,
Knowing others will follow.
Wives and children follow.
A path finder,
A navigator,
Others follow,
Decisions made,
Not just for me.
Narrow roads,
Stormy weather,
Perseverance and patience,
Directions sparse at times,
My GPS, a still small voice,
“Go here, go there,”
An Invisible guide, moving like the wind.
A forerunner,
Straight paths lay before me.

A follower,
Being led,
Having plans,
Yet, submitting to the guide
At moment’s notice.
Eternal heart,
Temporal body,
Tired, yet capable.
Nourished by food,
The Spirit's delicacies,
Press on. Press on!
Unseen, yet known,
A finish line ahead.
Moving forward,

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